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June 20, 2022

Kennected CMO Stephen Twomey Speaks On Content Marketing & SEO

Kennected with its intuitive tools like Cloud Kennect, Kennected Video, and Kennected Calendar is known to provide one of the most reliable automation solutions for lead generation. Even though the company is known for its LinkedIn (News - Alert) automation tool and other user-friendly tools, Kennected has realized the importance of Content marketing.

The co-founder of Kennected Stephen Twomey and other experts understands that content marketing and SEO can increase engagement of audience with your brand, drive people to your website, and boost conversion rate and hence have focussed on establishing themselves as a content marketing Juggernaut. They have understood the power of content marketing and its ability to attract leads.

Since the mission of the company is to help entrepreneurs and businesses to increase their lead flow and to help them achieve their goals. Since content marketing is very important to reach out to their targeted audience, Kennected helps them craft effective content marketing plans.

Kennected says that since we are living in a digitalized world, it is important to understand how to use content to attract audiences and increase their presence online. The company has also identified that even though very important, Content marketing and SEO are two elements that companies struggle with.

Realizing the importance of content marketing and SEO, the company has come up with some strategies that will strengthen a brand’s online presence and boost lead flow. Now, let us look at how Stephen and Kennected’s team craft content marketing strategies.

Utilizing Keyword research

The first important thing to do in content marketing is to find Keywords. Keyword research is an effective way to understand the most searched keywords related to the content and to identify the search volume. Keywords will be the terms that the targeted audience is most interested in and hence using them in the content will drive more traffic to your website.

The keywords are the terms that you need to add to your content to drive more traffic and boost revenue. By adding these keywords, you are making it easier for your targeted audience to find your content in web searches.

We need to remember that writing good content alone won’t help you get your desired result. For that, you need to optimize your content which will make your content more discoverable.

Crafting subtopic for the articles

There are different ways to optimize your content and adding suitable subtopics that will support the original content is also a way to optimize your content. You can use H2 and H3 tags for your article which will help you rank higher. Thus by learning proper SEO techniques, you will be able to enhance the visibility of your brand online.

Studying the competition

Since there are tons of content out there online, you will have to stay on top of the game to pique the interest of your audience. Therefore everyone will be trying to grab the attention of the targeted audience using content.

To enhance your content marketing campaign, it is best to look at your competitors. You can look at what keywords are incorporated in their articles, how many times they have used them, etc. By researching and understanding the strategies applied by your competitors, you will be able to improve your content marketing strategies.

Use Title tags, H1, H2 tags, and URLs to optimize your content

Other than using keywords, using title tags, URLs, and H1 and H2 tags are also an effective way to optimize your content. Ensure that both your title tags and H1 and H2 tags are crisp and clear. They must clearly state what the article is all about. If you are making video content, make sure to add the keywords in the title and video description. Always remember to use SEO effectively to increase the view and drive more audience to your website which is important to generate more leads.

Link to your previous articles

Do not think that the value and life of content are over once it is published. You can reuse and repurpose it by transforming articles to videos or videos to podcasts. You can also use the previous article and add new content to it.

If you have a good post, then it is good to add links to your previous post. This is a good way to drive more traffic and make the audience spend more time on your webpage.

Doing Outreach

Another way to increase the visibility and credibility of your brand is by doing outreach and linking other websites to your websites. You can also engage with other websites or link to other good websites in your field. This is a great way to get recognized and boost engagement. In this way, you will get links from other sites and increases the opportunity to get noticed by many influential sources.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your targeted audience, attract them, and increase the lead flow. Even though it opens infinite opportunities, many of them fail to use it effectively. To get the optimal result, it is advised to combine the content with SEO to upgrade your content marketing strategy.

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