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May 09, 2022

How advanced IP camera technology is revolutionizing the security industry

The security industry has been undergoing a tech transformation over the past few years, and advanced IP camera systems are at the forefront of this makeover. It’s safe to say that these small security devices that have become prevalent in both residential and commercial settings have certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings.

The first surveillance cameras were nothing more than simple devices that used analog technology to record video images at close range. For a long period of time, things remained pretty much the same in security camera technology, despite the rapid pace of technological progress that was sweeping across other industries. 

And yet, the security sector managed to catch up somehow. Tech advances and innovations entered the scene and right now surveillance cameras are a far cry from what they were back in the day, providing a wealth of benefits for individuals and businesses alike and changing the security industry along the way.

The benefits that advanced IP security systems bring to the table

As experts at DTS Digital point out, IP cameras are becoming commonplace in both homes and businesses, and there are good reasons for this rising popularity. In the UK alone there are over 4 million cameras in operation at the moment – this translates into more cameras per person than anywhere else in the world. So, what makes advanced IP cameras so inherently superior to their predecessors, and what are the benefits they provide?

For starters, compared to analog cameras, IP security cameras offer significantly superior image quality. What’s the point of having a security camera installed if thy have poor video resolutions and you can’t distinguish much from the recordings they capture? These days, IP cameras can provide crystal clear views of the areas they cover, so it’s become a lot easier to catch important details or identify intruders if need be.

A lot of people think that more advanced security systems also involve a more complex installation process and maintenance tasks but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The purpose of tech advances and innovations is to make life easier for everyone, not to complicate it, and that’s also the case with cutting-edge IP cameras. With fewer components and resources required, installing and maintaining surveillance cameras is child’s play.

It's not just the installation process that has been greatly simplified by evolving technology but also the way you use these devices. Smart IP cameras provide an enhanced user experience, so anyone can learn how to operate them with minimum effort. Manufacturers have made sure to include intuitive menus and a series of functionalities to make these devices as user-friendly as possible.

Scalability is another important advantage that IP cameras provide compared to traditional surveillance systems. Adding extra analog cameras to a security system was not only a hassle but was also limited to a certain number of devices. With IP cameras, however, you can extend the performance and capability of a security system with ease.

Last but not least, IP cameras are the better option from a financial point of view. The initial costs of purchasing and installing them might be a bit high, but given the value they provide over time and the lower cost of ownership, IP cameras are a worthwhile investment.

The innovation behind the transformation

It’s more than obvious that using state-of-the-art IP cameras comes with a plethora of advantages, but let’s take a peek behind the curtain and find out to what innovations we owe these perks.

Facial recognition

Wouldn’t it be great if surveillance cameras would be intelligent enough to identify people based on their facial features and send out notifications of their findings? Well, today’s highly advanced IP cameras are able to do just that. No, this is not a Sci-Fi movie scenario, but the level at which security systems can operate today.

It’s true that facial recognition is not exactly a common feature in most surveillance systems just yet, but given the rapid adoption of tech innovation in recent years, chances are this technology will become mainstream in the near future.

360-degree views

A slightly less impressive but equally useful improvement that IP cameras have undergone is a wider field of view. If older models had issues regarding clarity and pixelation, the new generation of IP cameras has long overcome these problems and went on to provide not only crystal-clear images but also a 360-degree field of view. New technology allows IP cameras to provide panoramic views of large areas, so nothing can escape your eyes.

Night vision

Most surveillance cameras at the moment perform quite well during the daytime, but not all of them can pass the nightfall test. Installing a surveillance camera that can only record properly when the sun is up is rather useless. Luckily, technology has taken care of this concern as well by developing cameras that can monitor low-lit or completely dark environments, and provide users with extra peace of mind.

Smartphone integration

Gone are the days when you had to look at multiple screens in a security room or review footage from all cameras to find the needle in the haystack. Today, users have the possibility to monitor their residential or commercial properties from wherever they are, by using their smartphones. Advanced IP security systems provide smartphone integration, meaning that the images recorded by the surveillance cameras can be sent directly to the user’s phone.

Voice control

Clicks and taps used to be the epitome of convenience in controlling smart security systems, but voice control technology has taken things one step further by allowing users to manage their IP cameras with simple voice commands. You can now use the sound of your voice to turn cameras on and off, change settings, and have full control over your security system.

All in all, the IP cameras of today come with plenty of innovative features that can make life safer and easier for all of us, and drive the security industry further into a high-tech era. 

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