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November 30, 2021

Cloud Solutions Help Walmart Save Millions: How Is It Useful for Your Business?

Businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud to innovate faster and attract more clients. The pandemic has shown that businesses need digital transformation - they have to introduce innovative technologies, and completely modernize business processes and operations. Retailers are actively looking for ways to predict and manage demand, while the automotive industry - to make supply chains more resilient. All of this is pushing businesses to deploy systems in the cloud.

How Cloud Solutions Help Industries: Case Studies

According to Gartner (News - Alert), in 2020, companies spent $270 billion on cloud services, and in 2021, these costs will already reach $332.3 billion. According to forecasts, the numbers will continue to grow and by 2025 will exceed $692 billion. Here is how cloud solutions help industries to adapt:

1) Entertainment

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group actively uses innovative technologies to engage audiences. It has migrated to SAP (News - Alert) S/4HANA Cloud and is implementing SAP solutions to streamline purchasing and supplier collaboration, coordinate HR processes, and manage travel and expenses more easily. Very often, the cloud services are used by the online real money casinos to deploy their websites. SAP solutions make business operations more flexible, helping the casino achieve its main goal - to impress customers and motivate them to return again.

2) Retail

The American company Walmart, which operates the world’s largest retail chain, has a long history of using the cloud and artificial intelligence. It continues to modernize its infrastructure by investing in cloud technologies. This allows them to cope with the large influx of people during peak seasons. An example is Black Friday (News - Alert), when the load on servers and systems becomes enormous. Cloud solutions allow not to lose a single order, no matter how much customer hype they have to face.

3) Supplies

As the demand for high-fiber foods began to grow, the global supplier of food and beverage ingredients, Tate & Lyle decided to invest in new technologies. The goal was to handle even more requests and successfully fulfill all orders for food and drinks. The company wanted:

  • cooperate more effectively with clients;
  • better understand their needs;
  • split into two businesses with different autonomous SAP environments without affecting the efficiency of business operations.

Finally, all the goals have been achieved.

4) Non-ferrous metal production

Non-ferrous metal producers are becoming greener. These companies are moving to the cloud to reduce their carbon footprint. This helps them build loyalty with customers, business partners, and government agencies. According to Amazon Web Services (News - Alert), its customers use 28% cleaner energy and 77% fewer servers, reducing energy costs by 84%. For example, Capstone Mining, a Canadian non-ferrous metal producer, says that SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure are helping to become greener. In addition, the company plans to use the cloud to reduce infrastructure costs due to volatile raw material prices.

As you can see, cloud solutions gain more and more attention from industry giants in different spheres. This trend will continue in the future as well.

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