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November 02, 2021

Benefits Of Using IoT In The Automotive Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the world drastically ever since manufacturers and companies started using them on a regular basis and for their daily operations. The IoT benefited a lot of industries simply because it allows for better, easier, and more secure communication and data distribution between machines and computers. The case is the same with Automotive IoT. But, how exactly has the Internet of Things improved the automotive industry?

To find an answer to that, make sure to read the benefits of using IoT technology in the automotive industry.

Predictive Car Maintenance

When it comes to car maintenance, there are two approaches - preventive and predictive. The preventive approach works like this. Once you notice that your oil will soon get spent, you go to the mechanic who does an inspection and replaces the oil.

Predictive maintenance, on the other hand, works a little bit differently. The IoT for automotive service has a system that monitors the status of parameters in the car in real-time. Once it analyzes the data, the system notifies the driver when service is needed.

Why is this such an advantage? Well, the system shows the driver exactly when they need to go to the service to change the oil. They don’t need to guess. It’s more secure and it can save the driver a lot of time and money.

Smart Infrastructure For Drivers

One of the best things about the IoT in the automotive industry is the fact that, besides cars, the roads and infrastructure are also connected to a shared network. This simply allows better communication.

 The main benefits of this particular use of IoT are:

  • Smart parking management
  • Prevention of traffic jams
  • Network charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Proper energy management
  • Smart lighting of the roads and streets

Smart roads that are connected to the shared network contribute to a safer driving environment.

It Allows Easier Monitoring Of A Commercial Fleet

This is, without question, the main use of IoT in the automotive industry right now. But, how exactly does fleet monitoring works and how can it benefit the manufacturer?

Well, it’s simple, the IoT technology allows the company to monitor the complete journey of their vehicles. The main reason for this monitoring is to establish control of the fleet, predict malfunctions, provide timely maintenance, and calculate the most optimal path. At the end of the day, fleet monitoring allows for better distribution of vehicles, which saves a lot of time and money.

Here are the main benefits of fleet monitoring:

  • Optimized maintenance and better logistics.
  • Monitoring and improving the driver’s performance and vehicle status. This contributes to better safety and more optimal fuel consumption.
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance

Monitoring Of A Driver’s Condition

The IoT technology uses data from car sensors to collect information about the driving style of the employee. Even though this might seem trivial, this data can help predict the driver’s actions and provide them with a little bit of extra support and security. Also, this information can be important for insurance purposes.

Some companies provide their drivers with active wellness seats. Those seats are designed to monitor drivers’ heart rate and breathing rhythm. This type of information can prevent fatigue and reduce the risks of accidents, especially on those long rides.

Connected Vehicles

It’s safe to say that the most important benefit of IoT in this industry is the enabled communication between vehicles. By using the sensors on the vehicles, IoT allows the connection between cars and enables vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Because of this, cars can share important information, like speed, route instructions, and location. The main purpose of this is to prevent accidents. For example, if the accident happens somewhere on the road, the system will notify the driver and instruct them to slow the vehicle down and avoid the accident. This can save a lot of lives.

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