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October 26, 2021

Top 6 Daily Life Uses of the Internet

We cannot think of a life without the internet. With smartphones' increasing popularity and use, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. According to a study, with cheap internet, there were about 4.57 billion active internet users globally by 2020, roughly 59% of the world's population. In this article, we will talk about the top 6 daily life uses of the internet.

Internet, as we know, is a global network of connected devices and computers that communicate with each other and share data. There is no ownership of the internet. Anyone, anywhere with the internet, can see the information through browsers or mobile apps. The idea of the worldwide web (WWW) has culminated into the internet over the years.

Internet usage is growing, but ever wondered what people use it for in their daily lives? Here is the list of top daily uses of the internet.

Search Information

The top usage of the internet is to search for information. Information can be of any type. It can be about sports, entertainment, helpful videos, recipes, etc.

To search, we use search engines like Google (News - Alert). We type in a query or a question for which we need information or answers. Search Engines use their search algorithm and bring us the relevant information from billions of pages available online.

We then use browsers like Chrome and Firefox or go to some relevant websites. We also install mobile apps connected through the internet with the server, where the data or the information is stored.


The internet has replaced the role of mainstream media. With the help of social media, we get instant and localized news. It is in human nature to know more about the world and the things happening around us.

Because of the internet, we do not have to wait for newspapers. Now we can easily log on to news websites anytime to check the daily news. People prefer authoritative websites like the BBC, CNN, New York Times and others to get information. Many news websites also send notifications related to daily news or a piece of breaking news.


In the initial stages, the primary purpose of the internet was to communicate. And when the internet went public, the first helpful thing that people did was sending emails. We still do it today.

It is still the third most important use of the internet.

Far more people have access to cheap internet, and communication has become faster. Modern apps have made it a seamless feature where people can stay connected with each other virtually 24/7.

Social Networking

Social networks are comparatively a new phenomenon. But, they have occupied a significant role globally.

Although, the purpose of social networks was to keep people connected. It soon became a platform where people were able to express themselves.

Social networks have gained much popularity in the last few years. People of all age groups use these networks, and these have become their best sources to spend their daily time. Facebook (News - Alert), Instagram, Twitter are the most used social networks globally.


The internet has also become a great source of entertainment. You can watch or listen to anything of your choice at any given time. The internet has vast resources to watch movies, TV shows, sports, podcasts and music. With the growing popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, we get the freedom to watch movies and shows anytime we want.

Online Shopping

The e-commerce industry is thriving thanks to our ever-evolving buying habits. Now we order and get everything from food to clothes, technology to machines sitting in the comfort of our homes. Amazon, eBay (News - Alert), Aliexpres are some of the top choices of people for online shopping.

There are many, many other uses of the internet apart from the ones mentioned above. It has made out life more comfortable and simple. But we have to be careful of how and where we spend our time on the internet.

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