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October 14, 2021

Technologies That Could Change the iGaming Industry Dramatically

Due to the rapid growth iGaming industry is experiencing and thus the potential to make some profits in this often-overlooked industry, more and more software companies are jumping on the wagon to come up with new technologies that will help them stay competitive. But what is this iGaming industry all about?

The iGaming industry basically revolves around the concept of gambling online. Its aim is to provide players with high-quality casino games, sportsbooks, lotteries and all sorts of things. But it's safe to say that sports betting and casino games are the industry's primary focus, as seen from the platforms reviewed on many gambling affiliate sites.

For over ten years, the iGaming industry has seen a shocking profit rise globally. The gaming sector was valued at roughly $41.78 billion at the end of 2016. Experts have predicted that it will double to around $100 billion in the next four years. iGaming has proven time and time again that it is here to stay!

Innovations we've seen so far in the iGaming industry

It's no news that the technology we have now isn't what it used to be. Since iGaming wasn't a trend that affected gamers in the past (20 years back and before that), only a few individuals understood how it worked. Not many people trusted the process and had varying concerns, including fear of being swindled. Thankfully, things are much different now, and several tech developments are influencing the iGaming industry like a miracle.

We can think of bonuses and promotions, which are now offered in almost all online casino and sportsbook platforms, as the first innovation in the iGaming industry. Although not necessarily a technological innovation, bonuses had a huge role in the growth of this industry. And it's not so surprising considering how they encourage people to play casino games and place bets. After some time, people even started to seek the best bonuses offered at casinos with the help of gambling affiliate websites such as casinobee's website.

The real technological innovation that has shaped the iGaming industry and helped it reach its current state was the mobile casinos. 2012 saw a 70 per cent increase in mobile gaming, and it didn't take long for all internet-based gaming platforms to know they had to buckle up. This means they had to seize the opportunities presented by mobile technologies if they wanted to remain relevant.

Players around the globe are fast embracing interactive technologies like Gesture Control, Speech Recognition, Facial Recognition, HD Displays, and more. Amazingly, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which are also iGaming innovations, have changed the gaming outlook completely. Most people would even consider them the gaming wonders of the world.

VR or AR: Which one will take the lead?

VR and AR work differently to provide two distinct iGaming display features, even though they share similar designs. AR and VR gaming are becoming very prevalent as many players enjoy their games' near-realistic experience. They both work by transporting you into different realities. Virtual Reality works by displaying another reality, while Augmented Reality projects extra information into what you already have.

Both technologies are used in online gaming and have proven to improve a user's gaming experience. Also, they're both sophisticated innovations that haven't caught on with users yet, but they exhibit tremendous potential. VR and AR can profoundly change how we operate our gaming gadgets in the nearest future. Notwithstanding, the question that still begs for an answer is which of both innovations would dominate the other?

The answer to which technology will take the lead will be determined by which tech garners the highest user preference in the nearest future. The unavoidable fact is that the gaming experience will only improve, gaming platforms will play their parts in wowing their customers, and the future for iGaming fans is unquestionably bright!

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