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October 14, 2021

The Best DJ Turntables and How Much They Cost

Turntables are the best way to mix and scratch music. There is no better feeling than hearing your favorite songs mixed together as a DJ does, right? The DJ turntable is the cornerstone of any DJ setup. If you want to be a DJ, it's necessary to have one and know how to use it. But with so many options out there, which ones are worth your money? In this blog post, I'll explore the best models in different price ranges for any budget. 

Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive Scratch DJ Turntable

Price: 719$

The Pioneer PLX-500 Professional DJ Turntable has a professional design that is sleek, innovative, and functional. It's designed for scratch DJs looking to build up their library. The Pioneer PLX-500 are great for any beginner DJ, with features only high-end models typically have - so being on the cutting edge will be easier than ever! It has two built-in professional DDJ Tempo sliders included so there's no need to buy an external control device! The sound quality is superior and provides added power and performance. You can even cut the record smoothly like the pros, thanks to its anti-resonant body which dampens vibration.

Reloop SPIN Portable Turntable System

Price: 399$

The system is a DJ controller designed to be compatible with both mobile iOS devices and laptops. It's compact enough to travel with, ideal for mobile DJs or enthusiasts, but also powerful enough for professional use at home or in a club environment. Internally, four direct drive steel gears do all the work to align the rotational needle movement while an optical sensor reads information engraved onto records to ensure accuracy. Automatik features let you mix one song into another just by playing two vinyls near each other on play decks without even touching them - one of its key selling points is seamless transitions between mixes which will eliminate manual beatmatching altogether.

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Direct Drive Scratch DJ Turntable

Price: 219$

The Numark PT01 Scratch Portable Direct Drive Scratch DJ Turntable is a great option if you're looking for solid professional DJ turntables. It's easy to carry and comes with everything necessary to scratch and mix music. It also features volume adjustment control, bass tone control, cueing slider, pitch (speed) adjustment knob, on-off power button- perfect for professionals or amateurs on the go! This will let you scratch like the pros in no time at all. A downside is that it's not as durable as some of its competitors but wins big points in portability.

Audio Technica LP120-USB Direct Drive Scratch DJ Turntable

Price: 499$

The Audio Technica LP120-USB Direct Drive Scratch DJ Turntable is a professional quality DJ turntable that has complete USB functionality. It's possible to convert vinyl recordings to digital formats. It's also possible to mix two records at the same time, making it perfect for scratching inventive effects during live performances. The dual-pickup design of the Audio Technica LP120-USB provides precise playback with no ground noise or other interference issues. This is an excellent solution for DJs who are looking for a high-quality scratch deck without breaking the bank.

Rane Twelve 12 Inch Motorised Turntable Direct Drive Scratch DJ Controller

Price: 1199$

The Rane Twelve 12 Inch Motorised Turntable Direct Drive Scratch DJ Controller is a state-of-the-art turntable with features and technology way ahead of the curve. The Rane Twelve is the first and only USB-powered stand-alone DJ controller that works as a plug-and-play device on your Mac or PC. It offers laptop DJs the advantages of a traditional analog setup without any of the drawbacks. Featuring an ultra-low latency 24 bit / 96 kHz soundcard interface with MIDI IN/OUT, support for HID mode (which allows use as a plug and play external controller), and dual decks to allow connection to two sources at once this unit puts professional-level controls directly into your hands.

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