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September 28, 2021

Outsourcing Philippines: Contact centers specializing in CX deliver increased ROI

Early in 2018, Amazon announced the opening of its first customer service center in the Philippines. Tom Weiland, Amazon’s Vice President for Worldwide Customer Service stated, "We are excited to be investing in the Philippines and working with such talented people, especially since Filipinos are known to bring high levels of experience and passion to their work.” 

In an ultra-competitive global marketplace, delivering world-class customer experiences is critical to the sustained success of any business. And when the largest online retailer in the world bets on the Philippines for its customer experience outsourcing, you can be sure they are dedicated to turning customers into raving fans. 

What is outsourced Customer Experience (CX)?

Outsourcing CX to the Philippines involves using a third-party service to manage customer interactions and communications. CX can potentially touch every point of the buyer’s journey, from marketing and sales to customer service. 

Why is CX so important in a competitive global marketplace?

Today’s consumer has grown accustomed to the standards set by companies like Amazon, which prioritizes the customer experience above all else. When customers have issues, they expect resolution to their challenges in a prompt and thoughtful way. Providing extraordinary CX ensures high customer retention and promotes deep brand loyalty. Failing to provide it leaves customers feeling undervalued—and they will simply take their business elsewhere.

How outsourcing CX to the Philippines increases ROI

In a worldwide marketplace, companies must aim to deliver competitive prices and simultaneously provide a world-class customer experience. Doing both is extremely difficult unless there is a way to limit overhead. Outsourcing customer service to a high-quality call center in the Philippines is a superb way of doing just that, reducing costs by as much as 50%, increasing overall business efficiency, and providing a significant competitive advantage. 

In addition to considerably lower labor costs, CX outsourcing to the Philippines also eliminates the expense of having to introduce and maintain cutting-edge technology platforms. A premium contact center continually invests in its contact centers so that they remain up to date with the most current technologies. This is the basis of the call center’s ability to customize, scale, and ensure security for any client organization’s specific needs. 

Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, an award-winning, mid-sized outsourcing provider in the Philippines says, “An always-on digital economy places demand for support and resolution on CX centers, 24/7. In the United States, for example, it can be prohibitively expensive to meet the 24-hour staffing needs that ensure a great customer experience. Outsourcing CX guarantees that customers’ needs are met whenever they need support. Whether it be by phone, instant messaging, email, or even social media, omnichannel contact centers can deliver extraordinary CX instantly, any time of the day or night, to anywhere on the planet.”

Leading contact centers in the Philippines specialize in delivering world-class customer experiences. It’s what they excel at, as witnessed by Amazon’s decision to establish a massive captive operation in the country. It could take many years and significant investment to onboard and train a team of customer service professionals to deliver the kind of CX results that an industry-leading call center in the Philippines can provide at a fraction of the cost. 

“Outsourcing CX to a contact center in the Philippines can add significantly to a company’s bottom line as a result of cost-containment and increased efficiency. Most importantly, however, is the fact that outstanding CX can turn ordinary customers into a company’s biggest source of repeat and referral business. Missing the mark here, however, can potentially drive a company out of business,” says Ellspermann.

“Yes, customer experience is that important,” he adds. “And outsourcing it to the Philippines makes excellent business sense.”

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