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August 16, 2021

Automotive technology of the near future

Already at the moment, cars startle drivers and regular observers with their functionality. Some no longer need a driver, and some are Internet-based. Every day mechanics and developers try to do their best to make cars more comfortable and less dangerous.

We suggest considering new technologies that have been implemented in cars since the beginning of the year, and in the near future these technologies will become mass-produced.

Drunk driving lock

Honda and Hitachi (News - Alert) have introduced an innovation - an alcohol detection device installed in a car key. This technology can independently determine if the driver is under the influence of alcohol. The analysis will be carried out in just a few seconds.

If the blood alcohol level is high, the car electronics will not allow the engine to start. The system will show the level of alcohol on the control panel of the car. Do not worry about any information reaching traffic officials. Companies will start testing soon, and after that, cars equipped with this technology will appear on the market.

Gesturing as a way to control car functions

Soon, cars such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen Golf will be equipped with prototypes that will be able to read the movements of your hands to control the functions of the car.

With the help of this technology, a driver or a passenger, waving their hands, will be able to increase or decrease the volume of the sound, receive or reject calls, and also switch between radio stations without touching the dashboard.

Intelligent headlights

The technology, the essence of which is to darken certain areas of the road, is no longer a novelty and has long been implemented into different car models. Only a few features were added. For instance, adaptive LED headlights will be able to change the intensity and direction of light.

Earlier, Audi introduced matrix head optics using laser light, which is already being integrated into production models. The technology allows you to darken some areas, while remaining with the high beam on.

Those wishing to test the new technology have the opportunity to rent Audi Dubai and enjoy a future that has not yet been implemented in all car models.

Digital door key

Smartphones will soon be able to store a digital version of your car key. Volvo has already implemented this technology, which allows you to open and close the doors in a car, and also use it to start the engine.

Such a novelty will prove to be an advantage in the field of car rental. Customers will no longer need to exert themselves and go to the office to get car keys. Companies will be able to transfer the digital key over the Internet, and customers, in turn, will be able to pay their rent online.

Non-freezing glass

Scientists have invented an indispensable tool for drivers - a spray that will prevent the windshield and side windows from getting covered with ice, and which will also repel water. The technology itself is not a novelty, only the composition has been improved. The rubber-based spray does not wash off the glass for a long time.

21st century tinting

Another innovation will be a technology that will allow to tint glass depending on weather conditions. Such an innovation is able to change the light transmission independently, based on data such as excessive brightness of the sun, or vice versa. Also, with this technology, manufacturers will be able to abandon the visors, since the glass can be darkened even partially, in the needed places.


The technology of reading information about the condition of tires and the type of road is being introduced at full speed. The driver will receive information about the condition of the car's tires, whether they already need to be changed or serviced. Also, the tires will provide information about the condition of the road so that the driver understands how to make the car more stable on this type of road.

Energy-storing body panels

It is predicted that in a couple of decades, most of all cars will be hybrid. Despite their advantages, such cars have their own big drawback - a battery that weighs a lot and takes up a lot of space.

Tests are already underway. Bodies will be able to store energy in the near future. Due to this technology, the weight of the vehicles will be significantly reduced.

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