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August 04, 2021

How payments have transformed: Towards portability of card machines

The payment sector has transformed greatly with the introduction of card machines. The portability feature in the card machines has become imperative for businesses to adapt to the booming card payments industry. The most obvious reason why portability is a r?quired specification in a card machine is the convenience and efficiency it brings. The introduction of wireless terminals is a strong reason to celebrate the worldwide acceptance of advancements in technology. Wireless credit card machines have created a space for more dependable and faster payments. The technological shift in card machines needs to be applauded because it has traveled its journey towards growth.

Unraveling the card machine journey

The Diners Club born in 1950 gave a kickstart to the credit card, or more profoundly called cashless culture. A couple of decades later, magnetic strips coded with information, also known as the electronic terminals for cards, were introduced. Then, the point-of-sale terminal or POS was instituted in the payment processing. This technology eliminated human errors, gave shoppers a smooth experience, and leveraged an easy checkout process. This proficient technology swayed many retailers to switch to a technique-driven card processor machine.

Strengthening digitization paved the way for portable card machines

Adoption of the newest technology with the portable card machine has emerged to be beneficial for every business to render easier and safer transactions to its customers. In the era of fast-growing Internet demand, it has become imperative for restaurants, malls, and other service providers to use wireless card readers. The terminals such as the myPOS Combo, Carbon, Slim, Smart, or Smart N5 easily connect through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, providing a secure contactless payment to customers.

Supreme features of myPOS

Easy to install

Activation of the myPOS devices is easily comprehensible for vendors. It takes just a few clicks. All you need to do is log into your account, click on „Activate Your Device” and follow the instructions. An activation code will be generated. Enter it on the myPOS device and make sure it is connected to Internet. The device will display a confirmation screen. That’s it!

Long-lasting battery

The battery life of myPOS machines is astonishing. They manage to stay up-and-running for the whole working day effortlessly.

Travel faster than light

With myPOS the connectivity and authorization time is minimalistic. Merchants can enjoy instant settlement of funds without paying monthly, annual or sign-up fees. The card machines also have high-speed thermal printers that manage to cut the receipt printing time.

Compact and movable

The myPOS card readers are lightweight, easy to carry, and ready to execute payments of sales on the go. These terminals will also help you keep your margins intact since this payment solution is all-inclusive.

Supports Google (News - Alert) and Apple Pay

You will be able to dive into a broader customer base because these payment aggregators have widespread usability and accessibility.

The latest security and standard features

Safety first will always be the unchanged objective of myPOS. Therefore, the compact credit card terminals integrate PCI (News - Alert) PED certification to make sure that the PIN entry device's security is intact during a financial transaction. Adhering to such safety protocols assists in rendering a safeguarded Bluetooth technology, disbursing quicker payments.

Portable machines will bring the payment terminal to the customers because flexibility is the USP of these card terminals. All the customers expect an easy and convenient payment gateway, which these mobile card machines render and help achieve a memorable user payment experience.

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