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July 26, 2021

5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

If you are a manufacturer or a retailer, warehouse management most likely takes up a major chunk of your time. While warehouse management may seem like a simple task, it is in fact much more complicated and especially time consuming if you are operating on a large scale. If you are indeed managing a warehouse and would like to shave some time off its management and make it more systematic, listed below are five things you can do to make your warehouse more efficient:

1.Optimize all available space

One cannot emphasize how important it is that you maximize all available space in your warehouse. If you are running short on space, rather than expanding your warehouse or renting a second one, you should look for ways how you can optimize the space that you have and use it to its best. You should consider adding taller storage units if you haven't already. Some warehouse managers refrain from taller storage units with the excuse that getting things on and off from heights consumes a lot of the warehouse workers' time. In order to cater to this one can simply get hold of Walkie Stackers at Adaptalift Group which are essentially pallet trucks designed to lift pallets to heights.

2.Opt for lean inventory

If you adopt lean inventory for your warehouse, you would simply be calling in stock as needed - not anymore and not any less. The main idea behind maintaining a lean inventory is that fetching things from the warehouse becomes easier, you do not have to worry about wastage in inventory and you do not have unsold items lying around. It involves having your supplier send you materials much more frequently.

3.Have organized workstations

It is essential that you have and maintain organized workstations in your warehouse to limit the time spent on useless and unproductive tasks. An organized workstation means that all tools and equipment would be set in their respective positions and hence be easier to extract or use when in need. You should ensure that work stations are in shape at all times and not cluttered.

4.Use an ERP system

It is essential that your warehouse employs an ERP system because such systems help managers by suggesting optimal routes and methodologies to pick-up and put-away items as and when required. When an order is due, such systems send automated messages to concerned personnel to ensure that no mistakes are made in order delivery. They reduce paper usage and help managers and workers save time. They also ensure minimal wastage, accurate transactions and lesser errors by using RFID technology.

5.Perform an analysis

In order to improve the efficiency of your workers and your warehouse, you should use data collected and reported by the ERP or warehouse management system and use it to understand where the most time is spent or wasted. If reports analyze that certain items are frequently purchased together, try to place them next to each other in the warehouse to make order picking much smoother and faster. Doing subtle tweaks contributes to warehouse efficiency in multiple ways.

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