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July 08, 2021

How will new technologies impact the slots industry?

The advancements of technology is an incredible concept when giving it some thought. Rewind just 20 years and game controllers had to be used while sitting close to the tv so the wires would reach, and tv’s themselves needed a large V-shaped stand to support the large box on the back of them.

Calculators were the size of rooms, cell phones were the size of a bag of sugar, and the internet would disconnect if someone else in the house tried to make a phone call. Looking back at this today seems bizarre to think that we put up with these things. Yet in the space of 20 years, we have adjusted to smartphones that not only make calls but also play music and act as outlets for online banking.

As for entertainment, we no longer have to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play the latest online slots. Thanks to today’s technologies, players can play almost anywhere and at any time online, whether that be on the daily commute or from the comfort of their sofa. Players can also take advantage of the various promotions that online slot providers offer such as free spins, something land-based casinos do not necessarily offer.

With so many developments in such a short space of time, it is hard to imagine what life will look like in 20 years. Let us take a look at some of the trending technologies that are set to transform the online slots industry.

Enhanced Web Design

When we think about how the internet used to be, many will remember navigating to search engines like ‘Ask Jeeves’ to find something out. Online shopping was rare, if not out of the question and pc games were something that only existed on a disk that needed to be downloaded.

Yet, today’s technologies mean that we are now able to produce much more sophisticated websites, be able to stream games, host rich media files like high-quality images and videos, and house all-important content that today’s generations thrive on.

This has meant slot games are far more interactive than they once used to be. Today’s slot games feature themes from the latest blockbuster movies and popular tv shows and offer enhanced gaming experiences with mini-games and bonus games too. They also have advanced graphics, richer sound and are determined by an algorithm that makes gaming much fairer.

We now have the capability to create sophisticated websites that allow us to stream online games.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI technology is something that is talked about a lot, yet not many people understand exactly what it is. AI technology involves the gathering of data through interconnected devices, enabling advanced processing development of speech and image recognition. It is developed things like device voice recognition, smartphone PAs and navigation apps.

Many online casinos are also benefiting from this technology as AI can be used to monitor the types of users on online casino platforms and apps in a safe and controlled way. The data collected allows developers to gain insights and create enhanced platforms and slot software that enhances the user experience. This data can then be used to send more personalised ads and more targeted promotions, taking into account when a player is likely to visit the slots site, what offers do they tend to use, and which themed games do they like to play?

Mobile gaming developments

In recent years, the integration of mobile first features has transformed the online space. While users once had to be at a desktop or on a laptop to access many websites, the likes of google now penalise sites that do not offer a great mobile experience.

Web developments have meant that most online casino sites work just as well from a small mobile screen or a tablet as they do on a desktop. Thanks to automatic resizing and clever navigation bars, it has never been easier for slot game users to access their favourite games on the go.

In addition, the development of integrated apps means that players can now access their favourite slot games at the touch of a button, rather than having to navigate to the website.

Mobile gaming has helped contribute to the growth of the online slots market.

5G Technology

In recent years, 3G and 4G have transformed what we have been able to do online. From increased bandwidth to improved browsing services, faster downloads, and more effective streaming, we’re now able to rely on technology so much more than we could a decade ago.

And now, 5G is coming along. By being able to access online casino sites quicker and in more areas than ever before, online slots popularity has skyrocketed. Yet with the further advancements of 5G, service levels are set to reach new records yet again. According to recent updates, more than 50 operators in around 30 countries will be offering 5G by the end of the year.

Cyber Security Advancements

While cybersecurity is still at the top of the agenda for all internet users and providers, we have come a long way in establishing cybersecurity in recent years. Not only do most smartphone providers now offer additional device security for a small extra fee every month, but online casino providers are embracing much safer forms of payment. 

Many online slots sites now accept payments from e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. These methods of payment are much safer as they are not controlled by a central bank, making payments more anonymous. This makes the likes of identity theft and cloned details less likely to happen when accessing online slots sites.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the way we use the internet for good. While we used to need to download software and make a lot of space on devices to support such games and programmes, cloud computing eliminates this.

Now, instead of having to download gaming software, online casino providers can host a variety of games in the cloud, enhancing the experience for the gamer.

Overall, technology is developing at a significant pace, in which it is incredibly exciting to see where we will end up in another 20 years’ time. While cell phones and computers have rapidly halved in size and doubled in capabilities, the online casino industry is a sector that is making sure it is not left behind.

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