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July 07, 2021

The Changing Face of Online Casino and the New Tech That Shape the Game

Online casinos are growing rapidly on the back of advancement in technology and the rise of the need for socially distant entertainment forms.

Experts predict the online gambling market to register further growth in the next few years to the tune of 11.94% CAGR for the period 2021-26.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has a positive impact on the gambling market. The reasons for the same may be due to the shift of the consumers towards the online platforms to abridge their psychological, social, and financial crisis during restrictions and lockdowns.

The AI Adaption

Artificial Intelligence or AI is driving a change across various sectors and has led to the ease of convenience and usage of different services.

How can casinos be behind? Casinos are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience. Be it through the use of inquiry management services or chatbots, AI is driving it all.

For an online casino, interactions about poker or a game of rummy can take place by the use of the interface, and machine learning applications can teach the game to participants. Casinos get a chance to standardize their services at low costs.

You can experience the same in online casinos like Quatro Casino Canada. The welcome bonus and the free spins can get you going. The online casino table game can be very engaging, and you can join and play games at your convenience and liking.

The IoB

The term IoT, which is the Internet of Things, is common among most people. Then what is IoB?

Internet of behaviors (IoB) refers to behavioral and psychological understanding drawn from the user’s online activity data.

The vast amounts of data collection through IoT and the development of big data analytics can help draw inferences about people’s purchase intent and decision-making process.

Online casinos using IoB can better understand the motivators and detractors of betting psychology. It allows the operators to push tailor-made products and offerings to the users, thereby increasing the appeal factor.

IoB can assist in the security of the user’s money and identity, which the regulatory authorities have been after for a long time. The casinos can identify the illicit and unscrupulous gamblers and take measures against them.

Although there is no direct impact on the users, from the casino’s standpoint it can be a tool to enhance its services and security.

The Rise of Crypto

Though cryptocurrencies are a fairly new phenomenon, the knowledge and exposure of people are increasing rapidly. As of June 2021, there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies that exist in the market.

With more cryptocurrencies hitting the market, the user base is also increasing, and more and more nations are recognizing the currency.

With low transaction cost, anonymity, and security, tech-savvy young customers with high disposable incomes find more value in using cryptocurrency at a crypto casino. It makes a substantial market for online casino operators.

VR and AR

Virtual reality has changed many industries. The retail and hospitality industry has been completely revolutionized by VR.

Retail brands have created spaces online to help customers get a feel of the actual outlet. Users can walk through the aisle, select the apparel of their liking and move towards the virtual billing counter or the cart. The hospitality brands are helping their guests with online experiences of luxury.

The online casinos are using VR to create an ambiance as per the liking of the players. You can be playing at an oriental-themed casino in Shanghai or at a vibrant and plush casino in Las Vegas, all from your home using VR headset gear.

The augmentation of virtual reality is helping the casinos to give the users an experience in which they get the feel of a real-world casino.

Online casinos are using transformational technology to transform the user experience. They are picking up because of an offering that is superior in value and has security, as is sought after by their customers. With the advancement of technology, casinos can provide the games that the customers demand and also service them in the way they demand.

Creativity is the key, and it will help chart the different games in a way that lures the maximum number of players. Adapting to the technology developed for another sector, and making use of it in the casinos is what will drive change.

It will be fascinating to see how IoB and AI shape the future of online gambling and casinos.

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