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June 23, 2021

Arctic Air Pure Chill Review - Why Everyone wants this!

This Arctic Air Pure Chill review will reveal everything one needs to know for them to determine that this affordable, powerful, little air cooler is a must have in any home.

What is Arctic Air Pure Chill?

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a compact, lightweight and portable, personal space cooler that not only provides cool air, but also humidifies it to combat the hot, dry air of the season. It accomplishes this through evaporative technology, using a tank of water and a water curtain. As the warm air is pulled into the air cooler, water in the water curtain evaporates, causing the air which is discharged from the unit to be cooler and moist. The water curtain is continually drawing water from the water tank to keep it saturated so this process can continue uninterrupted for up to 10 hours with one top fill tank of water.

As a bonus, this air cooler purifies the air that passes through its special filter to provide its user with fresh, clean air. 

The Arctic Pure Chill is a personal air conditioner that cools the space a person needs, saving on electricity bills. Not only that, but it costs the just tiniest fraction of what one would pay for a central or window air conditioning unit.

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And, the humidifier can be turned off if a person wishes to simply run the fan.

This air cooler can be used anywhere that it can be plugged into a conventional wall plug or a USB port. That means not only can the kitchen, office, playroom and garage be cool right where it’s needed, but so can the car, camper and RV. In fact, Arctic Pure Chill can even be used outdoors, such as on backyard decks and at the poolside.

This portable air cooler will run for up to 10 hours on a top fill water tank. And, it has an auto shut off timer. The louvers are adjustable to allow for more directed air cooling. Arctic Air Pure Chill non slip base makes it perfect for kitchen counters, coffee tables, and office desks. 

And, this compact air cooler’s amazing cooling power allows it to cool an area of up to 45 square feet.

As if that weren’t enough, Arctic Pure Chill is super quiet. No more loud fan noise or grinding air conditioner sounds to disrupt one’s work or relaxation.

The personal air cooler even has soothing LED mood lighting, which is great for bedside use. Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews indicate that this light actually cycles through several colors, then can be shut off if desired.

Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Legit?

Absolutely! As we learned from Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, this air cooler can even be comfortably used while exercising to keep cool air flowing. And, all it takes is water for this portable air cooler to become a personal space cooler. One need only set it on a flat surface and plug it in to a standard outlet or USB port. Its non-stick base will keep it secure and it will run for up to 10 hours per tank full of water.

More Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews revealed that the compact size and amount of cool air the personal air cooler produces are buyer favorites. This personal air cooler will sit on any flat surface and takes up little space. This is perfect for any place where space is at a premium, such as kitchen counters, dorm rooms and home offices. And with its soothing LED lighting, it is a pleasure to have nearby.

Many Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews state that this littler air conditioner kept their bedrooms cool and comfortable. This cooling unit is great for beating the summer heat. Don’t forget the added benefit of clean air due to the personal air cooler purifying filter. And the humidifier is especially comforting while a person is sleeping.

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How does Arctic Pure Chill work?

Arctic Pure Chill uses an evaporative water filter to provide cool air. The cooling unit pulls warm air through the water curtain producing personal air conditioning. All one has to do is add water to the 750ml water tank and turn it on.

This personal air cooler even has a digital thermostat that allows the temperature to be adjusted to a person’s individual comfort level. This personal air conditioner also has 3 fan speeds, letting them set the intensity to their liking. 

When the hot air moves through the water curtain, not only does it cool down through evaporative technology, but also the air is humidified to provide comforting, cool air. The filter also purifies the air as it passes through, filling one’s personal space with clean, fresh air, quite similar to the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC.

And, because there is no Freon or any other chemical at work, this air cooler is eco-friendly.

The only part to replace is the water curtain, which should be replaced every 3 to 6 months for maximum efficiency.

Does Arctic Air Pure Chill really work?

Definitely. In fact, according to one Arctic Air Pure Chill review, this amazing little cooler kept the person cool during the summertime in Southern California, even when the temperatures reached triple digits! This is made possible by the proven power of evaporative cooling, which is employed by the portable air conditioner. As hot air is pulled into the air cooler, hydro-chill evaporative technology cools the air and humidifies it for maximum comfort. Not only that, but the air is also purified to provide fresh, clean air with each use.

And, it’s amazing how many Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews praise this clever device for keeping the customers cool at night while they sleep. In fact, it’s great for this purpose as it will run all night, up to 10 hours per fill on just one tank full of water. And, it humidifies the air which has many health benefits while you are sleeping. For instance, humidified air can help keep your nose and throat from drying out. It can even help to reduce snoring!

Any personal space can be comfortably and economically cooled so long as the Arctic Pure Chill can be placed on a flat surface, such as a coffee table, desk or kitchen counter and plugged into a standard wall plug or USB port. Cool, clean air is only a tank full of water away with this compact and completely portable air cooler. And, it cools spaces up to 45 square feet.

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Can Arctic Air Pure Chill cool a Room?

Yes! Arctic Pure Chill can cool down any small room or personal space. This powerful little cooling unit uses evaporative technology to cool hot spaces of up to 45 square feet. It actually pulls warm air in and through this hydro-chill technology, cool air flows out the other side. This makes it great for offices, kitchens, hobby rooms, laundry rooms and more.

And it’s easy to set up. All one needs to do is fill the 750ml water tank with cold water, let the water curtain become saturated and turn it on. It’s that simple. The room will become cool in no time and stay cool for up to 10 hours per fill.

One can adjust the Arctic Air Pure Chill louvers for maximum comfort, angling them such that they blow the cool air exactly where it is needed most. Furthermore, this air conditioner has a digital thermostat that can be adjusted to the temperature desired.

Quite a few Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews suggest cooling the filter in the freezer for an additional blast of cool air. But one should take care not to actually freeze the water curtain as this may damage it. A tip from another Arctic Air Pure Chill review was to put a few ice cubes in the water tank for an even greater cooling effect. If a person should want to use this method it may actually be more effective to allow ice to melt in a cup before adding it to the air cooler’s tank. Ice cubes in the tank might actually impede the evaporative process by interfering with the uptake of water by the water curtain.

And, this compact air cooler also purifies and humidifies the air as it cools the room or personal space. There’s nothing quite as comforting as knowing the air one breathes is clean and fresh.

Who is Arctic Air Pure Chill good for?

The Arctic Pure Chill is good for anyone who wants a sleek, compact air cooler that will provide personal cooling wherever it can be plugged into an outlet or USB port. Much less expensive to run than traditional air conditioning, this personal air cooler will help save on electricity bills. And with its air cooling capability of up to 45 square feet, it can transform any small room or personal space into a cooling oasis.

This personal space cooler will not only provide cool air, but it also humidifies and purifies that hot, dry air for maximum comfort and freshness. Kitchens can be transformed from furnace ovens to crisp, cool spaces by this air cooler’s evaporative cooling technology.

All that has to be done is to place the Arctic Pure Chill on the kitchen counter, fill the water tank with cold water and turn it on. Its digital thermostat will allow any cook to dial up the perfect temperature to keep cool and collected while they whip up their culinary masterpieces.

Anyone who enjoys a hobby will appreciate this personal air cooler as well. No need for an expensive window unit in the basement. Just plug in the Arctic Pure Chill and let it do all the work. The hobby enthusiast can sit back and let the creativity flow along with the cool, refreshing air from their own personal air cooler. With its superior cooling power, the hobby area is sure to stay cool for up to 10 hours of refreshing air.

The office is another great place for the Arctic Air Pure Chill. Its sleek, compact design goes anywhere and looks nice too. This is especially important when a person works from home and needs to make a good impression. Having a cool, comfortable, attractive workspace is very important and this air cooler can accomplish all of that. Remember, the soothing LED light on the Arctic Air Pure Chill can be cycled through several colors and then off entirely.

And, not only can the fan be run without the humidifier, but it has 3 speeds. The air flow can be directed by adjusting the louvers so a person and their customers will enjoy the best cooling experience. Also, the temperature can be adjusted for maximum comfort with the digital thermostat.

College students are the perfect recipients of the Arctic Air Pure Chill. Its compact size and low power consumption are ideal for a dorm room or college apartment. And, the practically non-existent noise level is great for studying.

These are just a few examples of where and how the Arctic Air Pure Chill can benefit people’s lives. This portable air cooler can even be used outdoors or on the go in campers and RVs, you can take it wherever you need.  

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Arctic Air Pure Chill FAQs

?How does Arctic Air Pure Chill work?

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a portable personal evaporative cooling device that not only cools but also humidifies and purifies the air around a person, just wherever you need. Simply fill the water tank and plug it in. Within 2-3 minutes the filter will absorb the water. Then when the air circulates through the pads, the water evaporates, which makes the air cool down while becoming saturated with water, creating the most ideal thermal conditions for that person.

?What is the difference between Arctic Air Pure Chill and other cooling devices?

Arctic Air Pure Chill uses 100 times less energy than standard plug in window units and central air systems. It is personalized temperature control where it’s needed, which will clearly have a positive effect on a person’s electricity bill.

?What does the degree of cooling depend on?

The degree of cooling depends on three factors: the outside air temperature, the air humidity, and the device settings a person chooses. Arctic Air Pure Chill works based on the evaporation process. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the more actively evaporation occurs, and, therefore, the stronger the cooling effect.

By adjusting the settings, one can choose the most comfortable thermal conditions for them.

?How much does Arctic Air Pure Chill reduce the temperature?

The change in temperature depends on external conditions and the device's power. In high-humidity regions, the difference will be far greater than in dry and hot regions.

?What size area will it cool?

Arctic Air Pure Chill’s cooling zone is 45 square feet. It is designed for small areas. It will help to create the most comfortable conditions at a person’s workplace or recreational space.

?How much noise does Arctic Air Pure Chill make?

It is practically silent, no louder than a computer’s cooling fan!

?How do I know when I need to replace the filter?

The cartridge needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on usage. There is no indication system that notifies the user when the filter should be replaced.

How much does an Arctic Air Pure Chill cost?

One can purchase Arctic Air Pure Chill for only $XX.XX. But, for a limited time, this essential compact, light and portable, personal air cooler is on sale for an incredible 50 percent off, for a total of $89.99 per air cooler. That’s an amazing deal considering the benefits and features a person will receive with the Arctic Air Pure Chill – cool, humidified and purified air to make any personal space a haven of cool, fresh comfort. And with the savings one enjoys on their electricity bills, the advantages of owning one of these evaporative personal coolers just keep growing.

Plus, the personal air cooler comes with a money-back guarantee. A purchaser has 30 days from the date of receipt of their personal air cooler to return it for a refund, exchange or store credit. So, there’s nothing to lose and everything to be gained by giving this wonderful air cooler a try.

Where can I buy an Arctic Air Pure Chill?

The Arctic Air Pure Chill can only be purchased at the official website. It can be accessed here:

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Pros and Cons


?Sleek, compact design

?Lightweight and portable

?Can be plugged into standard outlet and USB port

?6 ft. cord

?Energy efficient

?3 speed fan with adjustable louvers

?Quiet operation

?Humidifies and purifies the air

?Temperature control

?750 ml water tank

?Up to 10 hours of cooling per fill

?Use anywhere, indoors or out

?Non-toxic and eco-friendly

?Non-slip base

?Money-back guarantee


?Best when used in hot, dry climates

?Best for small areas and rooms

Final Verdict

After a thorough review of this evaporative air cooler as well as a reading of Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, this sleek, compact personal air cooler is highly recommended. It will turn any personal space into a refuge of cool, clean, comforting air. Not only does it create a comfortable environment and give much needed relief from the heat of summer, it also provides many health benefits, especially when used during sleep. 

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