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June 22, 2021

How to Make Money Online

Earning money is something that everyone in a salaried position (or someone looking for one) is chasing after through much of their waking hours. What many entrepreneurs do that differs from the traditional wage earner, though, is build a network of income streams that continue to pay dividends into the future.

The concept of multiple income streams isn’t something new for many of us. Yet a practical means of building a second or third income stream—primarily through online sources—remains a foreign idea altogether. Crafting a strategy for earning money as either a primary source of income or an additional stream through the use of the internet can seem daunting for those uninitiated, yet it actually couldn’t be simpler to launch a new income-generating idea.

Scaling up takes patience and hard work, of course, but for those in it for the long haul, the sweat equity you’ll put into your new online project will be worth it. Digital sources for first-time writers, investors, and other content marketers are a great place to draw inspiration from. Outlets like Wealth Rocket, CNBC, and others offer a great launch point to start your new journey. With a high-quality source for financial and practical information, building market share with digital content, amassing a quality portfolio of investment acquisitions, or enlisting team members to help launch new additions to your company and its elevator pitch can be made simple.

Content Creation

YouTube (News - Alert) creators, blog writers, and other content creators in the U.S. make good money after building up a platform of routine viewers. The revenue-generating potential within the digital content market is immense. You can really dream as big as you want in this space, however, it’s important to remember that first-time users won’t see much financial activity in the first weeks, months, or even years of their creator timeline. This is because digital content is monetized based on viewership. The more viewers you attract, the higher your ad revenue becomes.

The same is true for roadside billboard ads, television spots, and radio commercials. The greater the audience size, the more a producer can charge for the privilege of the precious advertising real estate.

Writers and other creators can build a portfolio of articles, videos, or other mediums of the arts on a dedicated webpage, or on sharing platforms like Medium, LinkedIn (News - Alert), or YouTube. Creating digital media is a great way to flex your brain and engage in the creation of things surrounding the stuff you enjoy the most as well. Creative types rejoice at the opportunity to earn a dollar while writing about their favorite sport, movie, or celebrity.


Investors have changed a lot in the last few years (on the NYSE and other exchanges beyond the U.S.) and there is a lot more clarity surrounding this type of money-earning venture than ever before. You no longer have to call up a broker in order to place a buy action on your managed portfolio. Investing platforms are far more equitable today, taking cues from the Robinhood revolution that began just a few short years ago. No longer do brokers charge trading fees, and research is often built directly into the native trading platform itself.

Making sound investments is a great way to quickly and substantially develop a second income stream that can supplement your regular income. Building a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks can act as a sort of paycheck to supplement your other income streams in the short term, while growth assets will continue building wealth for as long as you hold them.

Generating additional income with the help of the internet is no longer just a dream. The reality of digital creation and the income that comes along with it is here to stay, and more and more workers are supplementing their day jobs with these fun and interesting wealth opportunities.

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