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June 07, 2021

Blaux Portable AC F832: Portable AC Bladeless Fan Air Conditioner Is Scam or Legit?

Are you facing challenges with traditional cooling systems? The well-known solution to beat the heat has gained popularity recently with the introduction of portable AC. The Blaux brand has launched a quick solution for people facing challenges with their traditional cooling systems. You can beat the heat this summer with the new portable AC from Blaux.

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Many brands come up with smart solutions and innovative ideas by introducing cooling systems, but nothing can beat the portable Ac from the Blaux brand. This newly introduced AC has various features and advantages that make it the best product to buy to get a cooling effect at your home. This article brings you with all the details you are interested to know about Blaux Portable AC F832. This portable AC is liked by many people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and other parts.

Is Blaux portable AC useful?

The Blaux portable AC makes it useful and unique because of the portability feature and compact in size. It saves money on electricity bills, provides superior cooling effects at your homes and spaces, eliminates surrounding air of dirt and dust, with the ability to add moisture. This portable AC from Blaux has gained the attention of many people across the world. The model number F832 is available over the official website of Blaux, taking you to a new world of portability and convenience. The most important feature of Blaux portable AC is its ability to boost the cooling effect in your spaces. It also improves the air quality of your surroundings and helps decrease the harmful health effects. Continue reading to know more about the portable AC from Blaux.

What Is Blaux portable AC F832?


It is a new model of the portable cooling system with model number F832. It is the original and upgraded version of the Blaux brand. Besides, it will help deliver cooling to your spaces and homes at a much faster rate than any other cooling system. The portable AC from Blaux will also help your surroundings and rooms get rid of all dust and particulate sizes. Moreover, it is well known for providing cool and fresh air with inducing moisture capability and effect. Therefore, it will boost your convenience of getting cold air perfectly.

Benefits of Blaux portable AC:

  • It is a unique portable AC with many features.
  • It will give cool air faster than other cooling systems.
  • It will help you get rid of all dust from your homes and spaces.
  • Blaux Portable AC F832 will also induce moisture and boost the cooling effect.
  • The portable AC from Blaux will kill energy bills massively.

Product Specifications of Blaux portable AC:

  • Product: Air Conditioner
  • Type: Portable AV
  • Brand: Blaux
  • Price of Blaux portable AC: $89.99 for one unit, $179.98 for two, $202.48 for three, and $247.47 for four units.
  • Payment options: GPay and Pay Pal
  • Guarantee on Blaux portable AC: Thirty days money-back guarantee

What are the primary features of Blaux portable AC?

Many features makes the portable AC from Blaux convenient, affordable and best than others.

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  • Adjustability: The portable AC from Blaux has three adjustable fan speeds that you can adjust according to your preference and choice. Blaux Portable AC F832 also comes with a built-in louver variable to get direct airflow as and when required or adjusted by you.
  • Feasibility: This portable AC from Blaux is easier to maintain and clean. Blaux has replaced the original water tank with a bottle-shaped water tank. It is believed to produce cold air at a very fast rate. It also ensures that every bit of this cooling system is cleaned perfectly and quickly.
  • Healthier Option: This cooling device positively impacts your health by increasing moisture levels to support your respiratory, eyes, and skin health.
  • Ionizer: This portable AC comes with the ionizer that helps work by providing negatively charged particles to help the positively charged particles float and get them to the ground. 
  • Mood Light: Blaux has introduced its portable AC with a mood light to help induce your peaceful and sound sleep. You can alo use this added feature, i.e., mood light, to see your surroundings or things at night. Thus, it will help eliminate darkness when you want a mood light to illuminate your spaces and surroundings.
  • Portability: The portable AC from the Blaux brand is provided with the Type C charging cable. You can charge this AC and take it anywhere you want to be pleased about  getting cold air.

What is the unique advantage of using the portable AC from Blaux?

There are many advantages of this Blaux Portable AC F832 that make it a unique and extraordinary cooling system. A few of the most prominent advantages of this Blaux portable AC is as follows:

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  • It comes with a fan air volume of around 1.9 cubic feet per minute (CFM).
  • The battery run time of Blaux AC is around thirty hours when you operate it at low speed.
  • It will work for twenty hours if you set it on medium speed.
  • If you are running your portable C from Blaux at high speed, it will work for fifteen hours.
  • The time consumed for full charging of your new portable AC from blaux is around four hours.

What are the advantages of the Blaux portable AC?

Many outstanding advantages of the Blaux portable AC make it unparalleled and unique. The most stunning advantages of the Blaux Portable AC F832 portable AC include the following:

  • The Blaux portable AC is chargeable and will not use much power. You don’t need to spend extra money on the energy bills with this AC, making it the cost-effective cooling device. The support of a USB cable will allow you to charge it at any place or time you want. It does not need prior installation or skills to operate, use, and maintain this portable AC from Blaux.
  • Blaux has introduced this portable AC with a LED screen to help you select the lights the way you want. The dim light option will help you enjoy a peaceful time with your family or while sleeping.

What makes Blaux portable AC different from others?

You will find your Blaux Portable AC F832 smaller in size and design when you compare it with other traditional and modern cooling devices and systems. It comes with uniquely and newly designed water curtains with a removable water tank. The water curtains of this Blaux portable AC lasts for up to eight months. These water curtains can help capture bigger and smaller-sized pollutants and allergens from your rooms and surroundings. Besides, when your cooling system is smaller and compact, you will carry it along easily and comfortably.

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Besides, the detachable water tank of this portable AC will help maximize the overall cooling effect and maintenance of this device. It is designed specifically to help people clean it perfectly by reaching out to challenging areas. Hence, it will help clean all areas neatly and also help boost cool air to blow out at your rooms and spaces at a very fast rate.

These unique features are never introduced before in any cooling system, making it unique and extraordinary. Many other cooling systems can filter and capture small-sized particles, which is not the case with Blaux portable AC. This portable AC from Blaux will filter and capture big-sized particles, helping you eliminate all allergens, pollutants, and bacteria from your spaces and areas.

How to use the portable AC from Blaux?

The Blaux Portable AC F832 is simple and easy to use. It would be best to fill the water tank with water initially in your portable AC from Blaux brand. Then, you need to insert the replaceable water curtains in your Blaux portable AC. You can also pre-soak these water curtains to get the increased cooling effect in your spaces and areas. Hence, it is simple and convenient to use your new portable AC from Blaux by turning it on. You will get instant cooling to help you get relief from the heated temperatures of the hottest summer days of the year.

Where can I buy portable AC from Blaux?

You can buy your new portable AC from Blaux through its official online platform. The link to buy the Blaux Portable AC F832 is attached as below:

  • Blaux has provided its customers with an option to return their portable AC within thirty days of purchase. If you are not satisfied with this cooling device, you can return it to Blaux within thirty days.
  • The thirty-day return policy makes customers confident to buy this portable AC.
  •  You will get the full refund for your Blaux AC if the company receives it in its new condition. Besides, the original shipping container and the packaging should be intact if you want to return your Blaux portable AC.
  • Customers should return it to the correct address as provided by the company.

What are people saying about the portable AC from the Blaux brand?

Many customers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and worldwide are satisfied and pleased to buy the portable AC from Blaux. Customers are not finding it an expensive option to get the cooling effect during the heated summer months. It did not cost them much as other cooling systems and devices. Besides, many customers take it anywhere they want to get the cold air or the cooling effect. It is useful for them to take this portable AC from Blaux while traveling, camp, having dinner, or taking it along from one room to the other.

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Besides, it is a healthier option as many customers could get rid of pollutants and allergens from their homes and surroundings through this portable AC from Blaux. They could place it in any room or area easily and are pleased for its portability feature. Furthermore, many customers stated that they could easily operate this portable AC as it is simple to use and maintain.

Hence, we advise our viewers to give this Blaux Portable AC F832 a try and get home the perfect cooling effect. You will get an enhanced cooling effect with the fresh air without breathing in the pollutants and allergens. Many features of this portable AC make it an ideal option to buy for this summer season.

How does the portable AC from Blaux work?

The porta AC works at a speed of 2.5 m/s. It will make your rooms and spaces pleasant and cool within a few minutes. You should charge it completely to make this portable AC function. It does not neet challenging installation or guides to start the portable AC. You only need to switch on your portable AC from Blaux to get the cold air within a few minutes. This Blaux Portable AC F832 can be charged with a Type C USB cable in this package from the Blaux brand. You don’t need to charge it frequently if you charge your portable AC completely. It will thus help you give the cool and pleasant air constantly. The hassle-free cold air in the heated days of summers will help you do any task effortlessly and give you pleasant and cool air.

Is the AC from Blaux portable?

Blaux brand has recently introduced a cooling device, a portable AC that does not need technicians or experts to install or fix it. This portable AC can be taken anywhere as it serves as the perfect cooling option with a unique design and compact size. These features allow users to take this Blaux Portable AC F832 to any place or from one room to another. Besides, it has an extraordinary filter system and chargeable battery option, making this personal cooling system the ideal and perfect heat beating device for this summer season.

Does the portable AC from Blaux make noise?

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The portable Ac from Blaux comes with a noiseless technology, allowing the users to get a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Besides, it is ideal to use it at your workplace or anywhere you want to get the cooling effect without noise. This portable AC will not disturb you with the noise when you are doing your important task at home or office. Besides, Blaux Portable AC F832 will not disturb older people, children, or sick family members as it will blow the cool air into your spaces and surrounding quietly and will not disturb you with the noise. The mechanical sounds are often disturbing and frustrating in the cooling system, making people not use them when doing important tasks. Moreover, people get disturbed with the mechanical sounds, which is not the case with the portable AC from Blaux, making it a unique and noiseless cooling system.


Will the portable AC from Blaux work perfectly?

Blaux Portable AC F832 is the perfect option for users’ needs to beat the heat they face during summers. When the outdoor weather and climate conditions are not bearable, you can switch on your Blaux AC and get the cold air during heated days. Besides, it will eliminate of all the frustrations you get through the sweat from the outdoor heated temperatures. You will also get rid of frustrations of humidity and get the cold air from your new Blaux portable AC.

How does the portable AC emphasize health?

The Blaux brand has made this portable AC so that it emphasizes the health of the users. Blaux Portable AC F832 has the potential to eliminate allergens and pollutants by capturing them. The previous versions of the Blaux AC use to catch dust particles from the air you breathe, but this portable AC will remove all harmful particles effectively.

Can I get the Blaux Ac easily?

Blaux portable AC’s are available through pre-orders only. Moreover, these portable devices are available only for a limited period. Hence, it would be best if you got home your new portable AC from Blaux before the stock gets over.

How will the water curtains of your Blaux portable AC affect cooling?

The water curtains in this portable AC are newly designed to be pre-soaked. The pre-soaking feature will help provide more cooling to the areas of your space where you are using this portable AC from Blaux.

Can I buy extra water curtains for my new portable AC from Blaux?

Yes, the Blaux brand allows you to buy extra water curtains for your Blaux Portable AC F832. The water curtains of the Blaux portable AC usually last for around six to eight months. Customers have the option to buy extra water curtains through their official online platform. You can buy extra water curtains for your portable Blaux AC for %19.99.

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Is Blaux AC a wireless unit?

Yes, the portable AC from Blaux is the chargeable and wireless unit or cooling device. This AV supports a USB cable, allowing the users to charge it at any place and any time without the challenges of installations and fixtures like other cooling systems.

Will Blaux portable AC purify surroundings?

Yes, the portable AC from the Blaux brand will purify the air you breathe in as it will blow the filtered air in your spaces and surroundings with its perfect filtration system. As a result, you will get the purified air without allergens and pollutants. In addition, this Blaux Portable AC F832 will give you fresh air without impurities, making this cooling device a cooling and healthier option to beat the heat.

What are the benefits of Blaux portable AC?

Blaux portable AC has many benefits of using it. First, it is a cost-effective cooling device as it will reduce your energy bills largely. Besides, it is an affordable cooling device, enabling users to buy it without breaking their banks.

Is the delivery of the Blaux portable AC faster?

Yes, the delivery of the portable AC from Blaux is faster than other cooling devices. Therefore, customers can expect to get their portable AC quickly if there is no hindrance due to the Covid 19 widespread. However, it may impact the delivery else, and you will get Blaux Portable AC F832 faster at your doorstep.

How to contact customer services of Blaux portable AC?

You can contact customer services of the Blaux brand through FaceBook, Live chat, or e-mail. The e-mail address for Blaux’s customer services is You can contact Blaux for any support and guidance you want to get for your new Blaux portable AC.

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What is the price of Blaux portable AC?

You can purchase Blaux portable AC at a pre-order cost of $89.99 for each unit. The two units will cost you $179.98, three units for $202.48, and four units for $247.47.

Is Blaux portable Ac cost-effective?

Yes, the Blaux portable AC is cost-effective. It will cut down your electricity bills largely. You can choose the speed you want, and it will give you the cool air for several hours. The working duration of the Blaux Portable AC F832 depends on the speed you are choosing. The operational hours vary according to the fan speed.

What is the filtering mechanism of Blaux portable AC?

The portable AC from Blaux comes with a filter mechanism, helping you remove the dust particles, germs, allergens, and pollutants from your surroundings and spaces. It will provide you germ-free and purified air with its perfect filter mechanism.

Is there a guarantee offered on Blaux portable AC?

Yes, Blaux has offered a thirty days money-back guarantee on its portable AC.

Final Conclusion:

The portable AC from the Blaux brand is an upgraded version of the cooling system. The company has focused on various methods to boost this new cooling device's convenience and cooling effect. It also enhances the convenience of using this device and decreases power consumption and maintenance. This cooling device, the Blast portable AC, is also build to emphasize one’s health. There are various improvements made by the Blaux brand, making it the perfect solution for the customers to beat the heated temperatures during the hottest days of the summers.

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Hence, we advise our customers to get their new portable AC from Blaux and get the effective cooling within thirty seconds. Kindly write your views about Blaux Portable AC F832 in the end!

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