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May 05, 2021

Hot tech innovations in online gambling

What technologies are driving the online gambling market? Find out here. This article explores the most innovative technologies that online casinos use to provide great gambling experiences. 

Technology is part of our everyday lives, and it’s meant to make our lives easier. It’s making it easier for us to get entertainment, to purchase goods and services, to work, study, socialize with others and even gamble. 

Thanks to the development of technology, the online gambling market has experienced significant growth. That’s because technology in the gambling industry has added certain benefits that land-based casinos could never offer. 

With technology becoming the driving force behind the gambling industry, players get the benefits of playing whenever they want, wherever they are. What’s more, technological developments in the gambling industry also bring the added benefit of improved customization in gambling experiences. 

Keep reading below to find out more about the hot tech innovations that are driving the online gambling industry and have made it now more popular than ever. 

Cloud gaming

How is cloud gaming changing the way online casinos work? By allowing players to play online without having to download a certain app on their device. In other words, the Internet does all the hard work to support your gambling experience so that your mobile device won’t have to. 

Cloud gaming services are very similar to video streaming services like Netflix or HBO Go. Basically, they allow the user to stream high-end video games from the Internet, anywhere, at any time, no matter the device they are using. 

Cloud gaming technology helps bring faster and smoother gameplay. The only drawback of this technology is that it may consume a lot of your data, so it’s best to use a Wi-Fi connection when playing. 

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has been used in the gaming industry for some years now to provide unique and engaging experiences. But video games aren’t the only ones using VR for improved player experiences. Online casinos have also embedded this technology into their games to provide gamblers exciting and almost real gambling experiences. According to 2016 data from Juniper Research, the total amount of wagers from VR accounted for over $58.5 million. By 2021, this amount was expected to grow by 800%, accounting for over $520 million. 

VR technology allows players to transport themselves into a virtual world of exciting slots, poker, and other casino games that feel almost real. 

Think about it: using VR headsets, gamblers can feel like they are in land-based casinos even when they are, in fact, sitting on their couch in the comfort of their own home. 

Today, gamblers can find Virtual Reality casinos that make everything look very realistic thanks to the various features they have, such as 3D game tables, in-game chats, very detailed casino rooms, and authentic casino sounds.

Cryptocurrency payments

If you are a crypto trader and a casino games fan, we have some excellent news for you: more and more online casinos are starting to accept cryptocurrencies as payments.

But, cryptocurrencies in online gambling do more than simply be an added payment option. They are driven by blockchain technology which comes with added security and faster payment processing. 

Blockchain technology basically allows information, be it financial or of any other type, to be distributed in real-time across various networks. However, all this information is sealed with cryptography in a decentralized system. So, this eliminates or at least significantly reduces the risk of fraud or other cybersecurity hacks. 

Even if you’re not a fan of using cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to play with a reliable casino that has a secure and transparent deposit and withdrawal process. For example, Casino Secret withdrawal procedure is very safe and transparent as it offers players various payment and withdrawal options. So, you can choose whatever option you prefer most and consider most secure. 

When gambling online, no matter what payment method you use, be it cryptocurrencies or regular currencies, it’s only natural that you get to withdraw the money you win without any challenge.

That is why it is recommended to inform yourself about how the withdrawal process works and what are the specific requirements of the casino you’re gambling with. You can learn more about different withdrawal options by reading the withdraw guide at Casino Secret

Online gaming and mobile technology

The casino world has always been very popular around the world. However, with technology becoming more integrated into people’s life and opening ways for improved flexibility and comfort, online providers had to appear to appeal to tech-oriented players as well. 

The increasing use of mobile devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets has made accessibility and flexibility an essential aspect for gamers. For this reason, all online casinos are optimizing their platforms with technologies that make their online casinos suitable for playing from mobile devices. 

Artificial intelligence

Whether you are familiar with what artificial intelligence is, find out that it is embedded in more things than you’d imagine, from smartphone apps to websites, social media networks, and many other technologies you likely use on a daily basis. 

Did you enter the Netflix app and see that the streaming service recommended you a particular movie or TV series? That’s AI! 

Or, did you chat on a website with “someone” from the support team? That’s AI! 

Or maybe you’re using a mobile virtual assistant. The voice answering and helping you know the weather, find the news, or call your loved ones is nothing more than AI. 

Or, maybe you noticed that your Google (News - Alert) search results are getting more and more personalized the more you’re searching on the web for certain things? That, again, is AI! 

Now, AI is the driving force behind a lot of technologies, including online casinos. AI is very often found on online gambling platforms in the customer support area. Since customer support is essential in this industry to build trust, as people bet with real money, online providers use AI for customer support to providing fast and useful answers to players’ queries. 

Using AI, online casinos provide chatbots that are fast to respond to gamblers’ queries. 

Big data

Another powerful technology that online casinos use is big data. This innovative technology can help with many things, from improved security to more personalized gambling experiences. 

Big Data technologies help online providers gather data like how much money you spend on their platform, how much time you spend playing, what games you like most. This allows the providers to offer more personalized services and marketing strategies. 

Big Data also helps online casinos keep track of unethical behaviors like cheating. So, big data also helps improve security for all parties involved in the market. 

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