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April 29, 2021

How to Write Influential SEO Content to Promote Your Mattress Store


A business needs to find what marketing strategy can give them the maximum yield and implement that in the business. Writing SEO content or content marketing is one of the ways that can help a business improve its visibility across the web. 

However, it is not easy to create compelling SEO content, and a major chunk of the population struggle with it. This article will guide you on how to write effective SEO content to drive sales in a business.

Why Do You Need to Implement Digital Marketing in A Business?

A successful online marketing strategy is combined with an organized digital strategy. It helps a business to connect to its customers at different stages of the purchase process. The strategies adopted a part of digital marketing aimed at understanding the motivations of the sales leads and customizing the communication and discount offers in accordance with it.

About an SEO Buyer’s Guide

  • An SEO buyer guide equips customers with all the information that they require to form the right buying decision. This guide also helps online shoppers to begin their search for a product (mattress) on a search engine. Some of the characteristic features of an SEO buying guide are: 
  • easy to comprehend
  • provide actionable and helpful information
  • assists in the decision forming process

Types of Guides

An SEO buyer’s guide is classified into the following types:

  • For the beginners

This guide is helpful for those who are first-time users of the bed in box that your business offers. It provides them a detailed introduction and description of the top-rated mattress available along with their varieties.

  • To perform Product Comparisons

As the name suggests, this guide tells the pros and cons of every item and its distinctive features. It also tells what makes one product superior to the other in a gentle manner.

How-To-Use Guide

  • This guide is useful after a person has made a purchase.
  • It takes them through step-by-step instructions to use a specific product.

Accessories Guide

  • It is beneficial both before and after a purchase
  • This guide explains the functions and method to use a specific product
  • It also tells about the advantages and pitfalls of selecting certain types of products.

Strategies to Write an Impactful SEO Content

SEO content is among those things that hold a lot of importance in business marketing. To use this strategy in your business, here are a few ways to write compelling SEO content.

Title Optimization

The first step to write influential SEO content is to optimize its title.  Start with the subtitles and titles. This is important because prominent search engines such as Google (News - Alert), Yahoo, Bing, etc. will scour through titles to find the theme of the article. The right title will help you get a better possibility of ranking on the web.

Optimize Content

You need to use the essential keywords in your content for which you want your article to rank in SEO. In other words, you want your article to rank high on the search engine if users type those keywords.

Optimized Images

The next thing in drafting effective SEO content is to optimize the images and videos that you are using in the content. This implies optimization of all the visual content in your article. To do this, you need to include only essential and topic-relevant visual content in your article.

Excessive use of images and visuals can reduce the loading speed of the page and that could drive readers away from your website. The images that you will use have to be simple to read and high in quality. Tag them with the relevant targeted keywords as search engines will use them to help your article rank on the web.

Optimize Meta Descriptions

The last method to write influential SEO content is to use Meta descriptions. They are the small descriptions that you see under each link at the time of typing anything on Google. You should begin incorporating it in the content, if you wish to aim for any specific keyword.


Look at the above ways as you are shaping an active marketing strategy to begin ranking on the search engines. Identifying the right type of SEO content will make it pretty much simpler in the future.

A business should understand that the SEO content strategy takes time and requires patience. If you are ready to put in effort in making rich and quality content and remain calm as much as possible, then this strategy is sure to benefit your business for the long term. 

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