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April 13, 2021

8 tech innovations that will shape the future of the automotive industry

Modern technology has brought fundamental changes with it in the course of time and has shaped the world we live in today. From the way we communicate, to the way we learn, work or socialize, tech innovations have left their mark on every aspect of our lives and continues to do so.

We also have tech advances to thank for the profound transformations we’re now witnessing in the automotive industry, and according to experts in the field, we’re going to see a lot more in the future. Although cars have been around for over a hundred years, their evolution has been relatively steady over the years. But right now, the automotive industry is about to enter a new age of development and we’ll probably witness more changes in the next decade than we’ve seen in the past 50 years.

Since modern cars have become an integral part of our lives, it’s worth staying up to date with the latest news in the industry and knowing what to expect from the cars of the future. So, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting innovations that will shape the automotive world in the next few years.

Car-to-car communication

Internet connectivity has made cars much smarter than they were in the past, but next generation vehicles are going one step further by introducing inter-car connectivity. Soon enough, vehicles will be able to communicate with each other, thus making the driving experience a lot safer and much more comfortable at the same time. 

Cars will practically become IoT devices that can connect with external networks, other cars and traffic control systems which will lead to increased performance and enhanced driver experience. Since vehicles will be able to detect potential threats in due time, the risks of collision will be greatly reduced and human errors will be less likely to happen.

Autonomous vehicles

There’s one thing to have cars transfer data between them and communicate with each other, and a whole different story to develop completely autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars have been a subject of debate for many years, with lots of people stressing the many disadvantages and risks of introducing this type of vehicle on the market. Therefore, the general belief is that it’s highly unlikely for AVs to become a reality.

Yet it seems that leading automotive manufacturers haven’t given up on the idea. On the contrary, the technology is still being tested and improved constantly, and there’s hope that at one point in the near future, self-driving cars will become mainstream.

AR integrations

If until now, ensuring the proper functioning of a vehicle translated directly into proper maintenance and using quality car parts and accessories from reliable providers like Partsgeek, things are about to change in this area as well.

Regular maintenance and repairs will remain a must, but augmented reality integrations are going to complement these tasks by providing accurate and precise data about all car’s systems. Apart from the futuristic aesthetic they’ll introduce, AR dashboards will bring all the information you require at your fingertips, so you can enjoy safe and comfortable rides every time you get behind the wheel.

Enhanced connectivity

Modern technology is all about improved connectivity, and innovations in the automotive industry target just that. Since we are practically inseparable from our smart devices, car manufacturers have found ways to establish a tighter connection between them and the cars we’ll drive in the near future.

As such, our smart gadgets that are already syncing with car systems will be able to complete different car-related functions. For example, we’ll have the possibility to use our smart watches to execute vehicle-related commands remotely such as starting the car engine or turning off the headlights. This enhanced connectivity will make life easier for drivers in numerous ways.

Automated parking systems

Parking seems to be a common woe for drivers everywhere. Let’s face it, parking is the least fun part of the whole driving experience and can turn into a downright nuisance in busy cities. And manufacturers are well aware of this aspect. That’s why they came up with tech innovations to address frequent parking issues.

Automated parking systems are set to eliminate all the parking problems drivers are dealing with at the moment. The future parking infrastructure will allow drivers to leave their cars at the parking garage and they’ll find their way to an empty parking space on their own. Therefore, the parking burden will be completely out of the picture in the future.

3D gesture technology

Auto developers believe buttons and switches should become a thing of the past. Wondering what could replace them? The much more sophisticated 3D gesture technology is the right answer. And what does that mean for the driver? It’s simple. You’ll no longer have to push buttons and switches on the dashboard to control your car’s functions. That’s way too old school. All you’ll have to do is point your fingers at your car’s 3D infotainment screen and select the operation you want to perform. You’ll probably feel like you’re driving a spaceship instead of a car.

Driver monitoring

New technologies will focus more on the driver than ever before. Driver monitoring systems are already in use, as many car manufacturers have introduced them in their newer models. These systems can assess driver behavior and send notifications when they detect a problem. But they’re not yet advanced enough to prompt the car to take action if the warnings are ignored by the driver. That’s what developers plan to do next in order to enhance security while driving.

Smart road infrastructure

But it’s not just cars and drivers that tech innovations are targeting. The road infrastructure will also be subject to major changes in an attempt to provide better road conditions and keep potential traffic hazards at bay. The roads of the future will make use of smart devices and advanced equipment to control traffic and ensure a smooth road experience for all drivers.

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