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April 06, 2021

Is GoDaddy India Hosting a Good Choice?


Social media is one way to reach online consumers. The second and more popular way is through websites. Creating your business website is an effective way to attract more consumers. It also saves advertising money.

As you are now ready to take your business online, hosting it is a headache. There are thousands of hosting providers to select from. GoDaddy India always makes it to the list of the top hosting providers. But what makes it worth it? Let's try to answer that below.

Advantages of GoDaddy India Hosting

Well-reputed platform

GoDaddy is a well-reputed firm. It comes with years of experience and delivery stats, so you can place your trust in the platform. With reputation comes a sense of security. As you host your website online, you never want to worry about a data leak or unnecessary security hassles. The easy-to-use user interface and good customer support further help GoDaddy maintain its reputation.

Affordable Pricing

The hosting site looks expensive at first. But there are discount coupons available throughout the year. The correct discount coupon lets you host at a lower price. The initial costs of the GoDaddy hosting plan are also lower than other websites. The WordPress standard plans start at $3.99 pm. The plugins and data-upgrade costs are also low.

Linux and Windows

GoDaddy hosting packages provide a range of services for both Linux and Windows operations. The fine range of products for both of these operating systems gives it a subtle edge over its competitors.

Websites work differently on Linux. Not having a working hosting on Linux leads to lesser engagement and traffic. With GoDaddy, you have the liberty to show your website on both Linux and Windows. It keeps the website the same on both operating systems.

Disadvantages of GoDaddy India Hosting

High restoration costs

Development is all about bugs and solving them. Realistically, your code may get some errors while deploying. These errors can change the whole look of the website. At that point, restoration is necessary. Almost all the hosting sites provide restoration for free.

But GoDaddy is an exception. They charge heavily for the restoration. With such high charges, it gets challenging to restore the older site. Hence, the developers must check every bit of the website before deploying it.

Slow customer support

Customers are the king in the market. Every brand is trying its best to increase complaint resolution efficiency. But it's customer care is on the slower side of the spectrum. Its customer feedback system takes a long time.

At times, it may take two days to get a response to follow-up questions. This waiting time is irritating. Your website has the reputation of your business engraved in it. A problem managing the website is dangerous for your brand's customer engagement.

Limited live support

GoDaddy India incorporated live support very late on their website. Even now, the live chat support is limited. It works only on the weekdays during in-office hours.

Every customer wants their problem solved immediately without any hassles. Live chat support is a great way to do that. With live chat support, customers can figure out the basic troubleshooting steps on their own. This often solves their problem.


Listed above are some advantages and disadvantages of GoDaddy India hosting. You must analyze these points well before making any decision. A website is crucial for the development of any business. Hence, it must be thought about well. If you are searching for a hosting provider for your website, refer to our list of the top hosting providers in the beginning of this article.

Comment down below if you think that hosting on GoDaddy India is worth it.

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