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March 30, 2021

CocoDoc Review: Is This the Powerful PDF Editor?

CocoDoc Review

Having the best free PDF editor makes it simple and easy to edit PDF files. A free PDF editor helps people to edit their files and texts without having to convert them into any other format. Whether it is a businessman, a student, or any personal user, people are familiar with PDF for their documents, notes, or assignments.

This is the reason why PDF editors have great use in the usual routine for people. However, there are not many editors that offer authentic work. In this article, we will recognize the best PDF editor, CocoDoc and its helpful features, assists, and much information.

CocoDoc - A Revolutionary Free PDF Editor

CocoDoc is one of the most-used PDF converter, which is being used by 190+ countries across the world. It has been reviewed in good terms by leading news brands, including TechRadar, Phandroid, iLounge, and TechTimes, etc. The application allows adding texts, links, images, and signatures to PDF documents.

The open source PDF editor favors you to perform multiple functions on the PDF file. The functions include editing files, signing them for official purposes, merge the files, and compress them. The application allows the conversion of PDF files into different formats. Moreover, you can make PDF files of different formats as well.

These formats include the Word, PPT, Excel, and JPG. The application allows resizing of different files within a single folder. The best thing about this PDF editor is its cloud-based platform. In simpler words, it can be accessed by using any device or platform.

The user simply needs to open the website and drag and drop the PDF file into the editor. Moreover, you can unlock your PDF files, compress and protect them.

How does CocoDoc work

CocoDoc provides the users with a very efficient platform to work on. You can easily convert and edit your PDF files online. All you need is a working browser and an active internet connection. To easily convert your PDF files online with this free PDF editor, you need to follow the steps provided as follows.

Step 1: You can upload your files through your computer or easily drag and drop them into the platform. Furthermore, you can also upload your files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox (News - Alert) or share direct URLs of the files.

Step 2: Utilize the PDF editing tools provided in CocoDoc to make all the required edits to your file.

Step 3: Once done, you need to save your file. You can also download the final PDF file onto your computer.

Significant Qualities of The Best Free PDF Editor

The application has significant features that help people edit their documents with ease. Here, we will discuss the assistance offered by CocoDoc and the application's benefits.

What are the Helpful Features of CocoDoc

There are beneficial features of the application allowing you to edit, mark, and track the PDF document of your desire. Some of them are explained below:

  • Merge and Compress PDF Files

This feature enables the user to resize and combine any PDF file according to needs. You can merge and organize all the files within a single folder and compress them. The user is not required to install any additional software in order to perform these tasks on any PDF file.

  • PDF Converter

CocoDoc has a multitasking feature that allows the conversion of PDF files into other formats like Word, Excel, and PPT. Moreover, the conversion of other files, including JPG and PNG into PDF, is also achievable within the application.

  • Create Form and eSign

The software offers to create new PDF forms or in any other format of user's choice. One can create fields and add different texts with the help of CocoDoc on any form. Moreover, after creating the form, the application also allows signing the document by any e-device for free.

  • PDF Editor

CocoDoc allows editing PDF documents by writing text boxes, checkmarks, and dates. One can also undo or redo all the changes and functions in the document. Searching, replacing texts, copying, and pasting different texts is also achievable through this online tool. Moreover, it also works as an online spelling checker and corrector.

CocoDoc Official Website:

Beneficial Characteristics Presented by CocoDoc

Besides creating different forms, signing them, and applying different editing functions to the texts, CocoDoc has other valuable key points that make it the best application. Here, we will discuss some of its top-listed advantages:

  • OCR Technology Feature

The OCR technology feature of CocoDoc helps the user scan PDF files with accuracy and speed. It is the solution for automated data extraction from any written or printed texts. Later, the user can convert the text into readable and searchable texts or extract them from the PDF file.

  • Integration with Cloud Storage Device

With CocoDoc, you are allowed to upload and download your PDF files from any computer, using Google (News - Alert) Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, etc. This is a convenient step that does not allow the user to specifically use any device in order to edit a single file. With the link that contains the address of a PDF file, one can upload and download the file directly by clicking on the URL to paste the link.

  • Extra-Ordinary Security

Since the application is being used for personal and official use, it is only decent if the app is equipped with a number of security features. Data security is maintained by the use of bank-grade 256-bit SSL encryption during file transfer. Signatures and passwords are protected in order to boost the document’s security. Moreover, all the processed files are deleted from the server automatically.

  • Integration with Several Social Networks

CocoDoc is integrated with different social media networks, which means that you can share edited and created PDF files with friends and colleagues. The app allows sharing PDF files with a host of services, including Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter (News - Alert), etc.

Why Should One Opt for CocoDoc as the Best PDF Editor?

Here, we will acknowledge the major key-points of the application, which make it the top-notch app out of all PDF editors.

Advantages of CocoDoc

  1. CocoDoc supports batch-processing files that are created, ran, and integrated in the same way as origin script files.
  2. The application has a 14-day free trial that helps the user try the application's features. This would help him examine the functions of application with significance.
  3. CocoDoc has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that enables the user to take assistance from a PDF editor with ease.
  4. The application is free and does not require downloading the software on any device. It has a completely online interface.

Detriment of CocoDoc

  1. The application is currently not offering any desktop version, which can be a little inconvenient for people to reach the web for using the editor.

Pricing and Rating of CocoDoc PDF Editing Software

Here, we will discuss the pricing plans of the PDF editor and the global ranking of this software due to its assistance.

Pricing plans of CocoDoc

The yearly pricing plans include basic, premium, and business subscription packages. The free version of the application offers the edition and conversion of PDF files into other formats and other formats to PDF format. The basic plan costs $9 per month and offers conversion, edition, erasing, highlighting, and re-writing of texts in files.

The premium and business package costs $12 per month and $25 per month, respectively. The additional offered features of a business plan include e-Signature on files, personalized forms, and unlimited e-Signature documents.

Global rating of CocoDoc

Users have appreciated the additional security and data encryption measures of the application that help them add their data-sensitive documents to edit PDF for free. It has saved people from the different and time-taking procedures of printing, scanning, and signing the files. According to reviews, the application lets people perform their tasks more quickly and efficiently.

The overall rating of CocoDoc by the users is 4.8/5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions by people about how CocoDoc PDF editor Windows works.

1. Is CocoDoc free of cost?

CocoDoc offers a free trial that lasts for 14 days. During the trial, there are no hidden charges. The user is allowed to use and check the features of the app. After the trial ends, the user will get intimation to pay for his selected subscription package.

2. Which OS is supported by this PDF editor?

CocoDoc can be easily accessed by any OS with internet browsers, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (News - Alert), and Linux.

3. Does CocoDoc allow the conversion of encrypted/password-protected PDFs?

The application does not support the conversion of encrypted/password-protected PDFs. However, the controller of the PDF should unencrypt the document before converting it.

4. What should I keep in mind before protecting the PDF?

When the password is set on any PDF file, it is not possible to open or unencrypt that file without entering the correct file. As the file gets encrypted by a 256-bit SSL encryption, the application does not even save any password on the server.

5. What are the system requirements of CocoDoc?

If the user wants to smoothly use the tool, he is advised to use browsers like Chrome, Explorer +10, Safari, and Firefox.


The article has explained one of the free PDF editors, CocoDoc. We have discussed the features, assistances, plus points followed by a detriment of the application. The software offers multiple editing functions like adding texts, replacing words, undo, and redo the changes. The data security of files is also ensured, and files and passwords are not stored on the online servers of the application.

Along with rating and pricing packages, frequently asked questions are also discussed in the article. Anyone looking for assistance would surely get from the article.

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