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March 22, 2021

8 Tips Of Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Smartphones are no longer luxury items but necessities. Your mobile phone today serves more than calling and texting. Whenever you want to search for an item, you use your smartphone to browse the internet. Every place you go, you have your phone by your side.

For website owners, the wide usage of mobile devices is a notice for them to up their game. Offering a mobile experience is no longer optional. Your website must be mobile-friendly to receive the right traffic. Essentially, the traffic from mobile devices passed tone from desktops in 2016.

Today, 70% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if you want to survive in this era, working with web designing companies like Sunshine Coast Web Designers is essential. If you cannot afford it, here are some tips to help you make your website mobile-friendly:

Consider media queries

The first step in making your website mobile-friendly is by tailor-making your content for specific device users. Also known as media query, this method involves the use of a style sheet in CSS (News - Alert) format. The media queries enable you to request the device's size and direct the browser to deliver content fit for it. This aspect enhances your site mobile-friendliness.

However, you need to ensure that the media queries system has the right configuration. It should be able to serve all mobile devices that are in use in this era.  So, do not rush to subscribing to such services without determining the number of devices they serve.

Make it responsive

Sometimes, media queries can require you to pay some subscription fee. You may not afford such amounts considering you are catering for other expenses. Media queries are not the only option. The perfect way of achieving mobile-friendliness is by making your site responsive.

Responsive websites work well for any device. It will display the same content and information as well as configure and optimize it according to the user’s devices. This means that each user will get content compatible with their device screens which will improve their experience. Your mobile audience will not suffer limitations on the content they access.

Apart from enhancing your mobile-friendliness, responsiveness will strengthen your SEO ranks. Google (News - Alert) always falls in love with responsive. So, your site will get double benefits. If you do not know how to enhance your site responsiveness, you can consider working with experts like SiteCentre to help you realize this goal.

Build a separate mobile website

When you engage a Sunshine Coast Web Design expert on issues mobile-friendliness of your website, one idea they will offer is creating a mobile website version. This aspect does not mean getting a new host or starting building the site from scratch. Instead, it is coming up with a mobile version of your site.

It can be a sub-folder, stand-alone domain, or sub-domain of your current site. For instance, you can have,, or Regardless of the option you pick, you should involve some web responsive aspects. This will make your site compatible and responsive to different screen sizes. 

Opt for CMS

Instead of struggling to design a responsive website, you can opt for the CMS. Modern Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Joomla come with an array of mobile plugins and themes. Using these plugins saves you time for struggling with design.

Essentially, the CMS offers options to customize your themes and make them mobile responsive. Otherwise, you can work with a web designing expert to help you choose the right CMS that offers the best features and plugins to make your website mobile-friendly.

Choose the right theme

Your website theme plays a role in enhancing your site’s mobile-friendliness. For this reason, you need to select your site theme wisely. Consider customizing the current theme by updating it. If no option for updates, you should consider changing it.

Many premium and basic available are responsive and mobile-friendly. When choosing a theme, visit the live demo to assess whether it meets your needs. As well consider, using the PageSpeed Insights tool from Google. This tool will help you assess how your new theme will work on mobile devices. So, you will make the right choice.   

Activate AMP

AMP or Accelerate Mobile Pages is another crucial element to consider in making your site mobile-friendly. This Google technology accelerates the page loading time by compressing your data. The approach enhances your site speed by almost four times. The result of this aspect is fast loading which is a basic requirement in making your site mobile.

Remember, users are looking for fast information. Mobile users have a maximum waiting time of 3 seconds. If your pages are taking forever to load, you will miss a lot of traffic. By enabling the AMP feature, you will harness the loading speed. This will improve your visibility rates and boost your ranking.

Consider short and sweet content

As you know, users no longer have the patient when looking for information. No one will go through a thousand or two words to get some basic information. So, if you want to boost your mobile-friendliness, consider posting short and sweet content on your site.

Remember, the mobile screen is not equal to that of the desktop. The desire of a mobile user is to scroll through the content faster. By posting short and sweet content, you grab the limited attention of mobile users. 

Refrain from flash

Certainly, you love incorporating animations on your website. Your web developer will recommend the use of flash on your site to realize this goal. However, web designers like Site Centre will advise you to refrain from flash. No mobile device supports flash. As such, having it on your site kicks it out from the mobile-friendly category.

Wrapping Up

In a word, having a mobile-friendly site is not a choice among many. You must make your site responsive and compatible with different mobile device screens. Nonetheless, this is not a complicated issue. Following the above tips will help you have a site that every mobile device will love.

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