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March 18, 2021

Online Social Gaming Is Taking Over: Technology Behind It

Online social games typically refer to games that allow virtual social interaction between people. Although many people first think of social media games, there’s much more to it. Video and casino-based games are just some of the games that are slowly taking over the world. But how did that happen?

This article will discuss how online social gaming is taking over the iGaming industry while also focusing on its technology. After all, if it weren’t for technological development, we would never have the games we enjoy today. Keep reading to find out what lies behind the ongoing popularity of online social games.

World of Online Opportunities

Thanks to continuous technological developments, people worldwide have the opportunity to engage with millions of other players. As you can imagine, it wasn’t difficult for online games to take over. If you compare them with the old chess set or board game you have at home, the growing number of online gaming opportunities is pretty obvious.

In the last couple of years, online social gaming has continued to grow. For example, the global social gaming market has reached $78.92 billion in 2020, and it’s expected to reach $98.8 billion by 2024. That number encompasses both games played on social media, free online slots and casino games, competitive video games, and more.

Mobile Gaming

One of the crucial factors that helped social gaming get to where it is today has been the side-by-side growth of mobile technologies. Mobile technology has redefined online gaming to the extent that many games have blurred the lines between fantasy and reality. That’s why mobile technology is considered to be one of the largest industry drivers today.

The benefits are more than obvious as you’re able to take your gaming on the go. What’s more, some research has proven that around 55% of the social casino gaming market will be attributed to mobile devices shortly. So, when you’re playing free casino games on HouseofFun on your smartphone, you’ll be contributing to the increasing number of social casino gaming.

Technologies That Changed iGaming

Since online gaming has come a long way, it’s not surprising that it has had enormous help from technology. Keep reading to see which technologies changed the face of iGaming.

AR and VR Tools

Although augmented reality and virtual reality tools are not new to many of us, the online gaming industry has only recently started to incorporate both of them to a great extent. The rise of service delivery networks and unified content are some of the factors that contributed to the rise of AR and VR in iGaming. Consequently, cloud-based servers will deliver streamed applications through high-speed mobile networks.

On top of that, many gamers use VR headsets to indulge even deeper into the immersive online gaming world.

Hyperreal Experiences

Location-based entertainment (LBE) or hyperreal experiences usually blend physical and virtual reality intending to provide life-like gaming experiences. A common representation is video game competitions where players get together in a land-based place only to strap on their equipment and play virtual games.

This is thought to be one of the most immersive and unique gaming experiences due to the interplay between tactile player feedback and virtual reality.

Cloud-Based Technology

For some, it might be strange to see cloud-based technology on this list, but this simple technological improvement has immensely helped the online gaming world. Moreover, it has been significantly important for the online casino world. It helps players free up space on their consoles and computers, making online gaming more approachable than ever.

Playing games through cloud-based technology helps the players to try out multiple games without committing. So, they don’t need to invest in gaming consoles and computers. What’s more, players can enjoy a plethora of online casino games thanks to remote access.

Players Are the New Creators

If it’s not already happening, it’s bound to happen soon enough. Players won’t be only watching the developments but also contribute actively. A new gaming era will allow game developers to outsource some work to loyal fans. So, player-generated games will introduce new gaming levels that we might not have seen before.

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