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February 16, 2021

10 Ways Technology Can Help Us Get Through the Pandemic

The world has been experiencing a global pandemic for a year now. With most of 2020 spent at home, people had no choice but to depend on technology during the pandemic to continue on with their daily lives. For that reason, people have learned how to survive COVID-19 with the help of technology. The way coronavirus and technology have taken over the world in the previous year was unanticipated to say the least.

But exactly how can technology help us cope with coronavirus? How can technology be considered essential during a crisis like this? Here is a list of ways that one can use technology for student learning, to gain money, have necessities delivered right at the doorstep, work, and to unwind.

1.         Streaming

Online streaming services have taken the world by storm by offering a wide variety of content to choose from to cater to different personalities. Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney (News - Alert)+ are examples of the most on-demand streaming and are a solid example on how technology helps us deal with our boredom during lockdowns.

2.         Gaming

For people who aren’t into movies, the gaming industry is another option to pass the time with the help of technology during the pandemic. Many people, from kids to adults, are trying their hand at gaming. Coronavirus has accelerated the evolution of the gaming industry. Their audience reach has widened and numerous games have been developed over the course of a year.

3.         Investing

For people who are looking to make their money grow, the capital market is a great medium that one can use to earn big over the long run. There have been numerous businesses that have been forced to close down due to bankruptcy. In the case of capital markets, the opposite is true. People have taken interest in investing their money due to the technological advancements of the equity market after they have seen its true benefits over long term investing.

4.         E-Commerce

Those who refuse to go out even for grocery runs – for fear that they might catch the virus – have the option to buy their groceries and clothes through online services. This resulted in a massive surge of demand in online shopping and delivery services. Door-to-door delivery options are made available in almost all e-commerce platforms. This is a huge help for households with infants, elderly, and working adults.

5.         Health and Fitness

Various health and fitness applications have emerged to cater to the growing health concern. Apps like JEFIT Workout Planner and Fittr allow users to create their own workout plan or follow the system assigned plan. Most hospitals even launched an app for their patients to use and some even conduct online consultations via video conferencing and the likes.

6.         Multimedia Content Creation

The number of content creators has increased over the lockdown. To gain and keep followers, one must have eye-catching visuals to show on their platform. Canva is the most enlisted tool to help out with this task because they have an endless amount of templates available that are free to use. It can also be used to create PowerPoint presentations for class and work.

7.         Writing Tools

Eye-catching visuals should be partnered with engaging content. Aesthetic PowerPoint presentations in class will do nothing for the student if the words he used are not engaging. For this, writing services like CustomEssayMeister may be employed to get the job done perfectly. There are many benefits of technology in education and this is one of the best there is.

8.         Food Delivery

Groceries and other household essentials are not the only ones who have door-to-door service available. Food delivery services are also booming nowadays since its more convenient than cooking at home especially if everyone is too busy working or studying to do so. Fast food chains and restaurants have launched websites or apps to cater deliveries.

9.         Cash Transfer

It’s time to say goodbye to queuing in banks and ATM machines to withdraw or transfer money. Contactless transactions is the way to go now because of the pandemic. Because of that, many banks have launched their own apps. Platforms like PayPal (News - Alert) are being used by the public and businesses a lot to send money over to their family or to purchase stuff.

10.       Collaboration Platforms

As most are working and having classes remotely, collaboration platforms like Zoom and Google (News - Alert) Meet are being used by offices and schools alike. This helps employees and students keep in touch with their higher-ups and professors. Documents can also be sent through collaboration platforms.

Technology can certainly help us to survive Covid-19. By using technology in education, work, and leisure, we are sure to make the most out of our time while staying inside the safety of our homes.

BIO: Dorothy Starling (News - Alert) is a freelance writer and staff writer at Custom Essay Meister. She especially loves to write about social issues, culture, and arts. Her free time she spends on hiking, yoga and walking with her two amazing Labradors: Odin and Thor.

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