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February 05, 2021

Bitcoin Rodney Explains How Technology Has Impacted Investing

Technology has impacted every facet of life and this includes investing. The rise of technology, which subsequently led to the rise of cryptocurrencies, has transformed investing as we know it. Financial markets have been cracked wide open, made available to more people than ever before due to the rise of digital currencies, such as bitcoin.

Rodney Burton, otherwise known as Bitcoin Rodney, is a serial entrepreneur and CEO based in the Washington, D.C. area. He is an expert in all things bitcoin, as well as Royal Credit Consulting, targeted traffic, health and wellness. He does all of this through the BitGroup LLC and Burton Holdings Co and many more subsidiaries. He shares the top three ways that digital currencies have affected how people earn.

Provides Marketing/Earning Opportunities for Those Without a Bank Account

One way that technology and more specifically the rise of cryptocurrencies has impacted investing is that it has made investing possible for millions more people. According to Bitcoin Rodney, over one third of the world’s population does not have access to basic banking services, which in most cases are necessary in order to take advantage of a wide range of financial services. These services include getting a loan or having a checking account, as well as investing in the market. Thus, if it weren’t for the rise of cryptocurrencies, millions of people would not be able to invest or have much of a role in the financial market at all. Cryptocurrencies have opened up the market to everyone without access to banking services, working to help people feel more financially empowered and connected. These services do typically require fees, but they are significantly lower than the normal ways of banking.

Makes It Easier to Invest Internationally

The second way that technology has impacted investing is that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have made it much easier to invest internationally. Bitcoin Rodney shares that cryptocurrency use is completely decentralized, making it easier (and less expensive) than ever for people to trade and invest across borders. Typically, most banks and financial institutions charge extremely high rates to invest money internationally, discouraging all but the wealthiest of investors from doing so. Rodney Burton asserts that because cryptocurrencies do not have any sort of brick-and-mortar locations, unlike banks, the transaction costs are drastically reduced. This allows people to invest in the global economy with ease. In line with this, simply transferring or wiring money — especially internationally — is far easier and faster when using cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency transfers are instant, secure, and do not require any additional fees.

Opens Up Greater Marketing/Earning Opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Says Rodney Burton

Another way that technology has impacted investing pertains specifically to entrepreneurs. Cryptocurrencies are especially popular amongst entrepreneurs, claims Bitcoin Rodney, and for good reason. The reason is that cryptocurrency use makes crowdfunding far easier to do. Crowdfunding is a common way that entrepreneurs raise money to support their product or service in the early stages of growing their business. It involves many investors making small investments, rather than large investments coming from just a handful of major investors. This is the best way to mitigate risk, which is why it’s such an attractive option for both entrepreneurs and investors. The various apps that cryptocurrencies can be used through have made it extremely simple to send investments, even small ones, to companies all over the world. For example, BitPesa is one such app that helps business owners located in Africa make financial transactions with companies located in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Overall, any cryptocurrency that an entrepreneur receives, which can easily be sent from anywhere in the world, can then be redirected to support their business or even reinvested. During this time of cryptocurrency rise, Bitcoin Rodney has helped a significant number of individuals become financially free and he continues to work with the ones who are still trying to break through.

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**Disclaimer** “You should not buy any cryptocurrency products unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested plus any commission or other transaction charges. This material is subject to change without notice. This document is for information and illustrative purposes only. It is not, and should not be regarded as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation” regarding a course of action, including without limitation as those terms are used in any applicable law or regulation. This information is provided with the understanding that with respect to the material provided herein (i) Rodney Burton, Bitcoin Rodney, or The Bit Group, LLC is not acting in a fiduciary or advisory capacity under any contract with you, or any applicable law or regulation, (ii) that you will make your own independent decision with respect to any course of action in connection herewith, as to whether such course of action is appropriate or proper based on your own judgment and your specific circumstances and objectives, (iii) that you are capable of understanding and assessing the merits of a course of action and evaluating investment risks independently.”

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