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January 20, 2021

The Emerging Technologies That Will Shape iGaming Future

The iGaming industry has been a big beneficiary of technological innovations. The benefits have seen it rise to be one of the world's most profitable industries right now. Currently, there are many online gaming platforms that you will have to visit to read reviews to help you select the best. The future of iGaming will also be shaped by technology. So, what are the emerging technologies that will shape the future of iGaming? Read on to find out.

What Is Igaming?

Before discussing the technologies, it is important to understand what iGaming is. iGaming typically refers to wagering of money or any other value on the outcome of a game. iGaming involves betting on sports, online casinos, among others. Casino games and sports betting dominate the iGaming industry. 

Which Emerging Technologies Will Shape iGaming's Future?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has played a significant role in improving automated services in many sectors. This technology enables machines to study and learn from the behavior of humans. It enables online systems to detect hacker patterns and offer predictive analysis for breaches before they happen. 

The iGaming companies will harness AI's power to retain their punters, provide user support, and improve their engagement. By studying their behavior, they are also able to provide more personalized services. 

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality

These three technologies have started an iGaming revolution. Game developers use these technologies to develop more immersive games. At some point, the online casinos could not offer their players a 'real' casino environment.

However, VR/AR/MR have enabled online casinos to offer live dealer games that give their clients a real casino feeling. Be that as it may, developers still feel that more can be achieved with these technologies. Gamers should brace themselves for more innovations in this area. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT technology makes it possible for users to connect several devices. For instance, you can connect your coffee maker to your car and phone. Your phone can notify your family that you will be late. 

IoT devices communicate with each other using an internet connection. This ability has opened the way for more innovations. The iGaming industry is expected to take advantage of this technology to take the industry to the next level. 

Big Data

Big Data simply means huge amounts of data. However, it does not stop there. The more important part is the ability to analyze this data to disclose patterns, trends, and associations. The emphasis is on data that points to interaction and behavior. 

Big Data analysis enables the development of better AI solutions. It also offers intuition into strategic business planning and smarter moves. iGaming companies can combine Big Data with AI to help detect fraudulent behavior and make their online platforms more secure. 


Blockchain technology is usually associated with Bitcoin. While that is right, the technology goes beyond cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a distributed ledger. 

A distributed ledger is designed to provide a more dependable way of exchanging things and recording things' ownership. Each ledger only contains a portion of the data. Therefore, if someone gets unauthorized access to the ledger, it will not make sense to them. 

The iGaming sector can employ the technology to come up with a digital currency. Alternatively, they can use it to create a trustworthy network that unites game developers and gaming companies. 

Final Thoughts

The future of iGaming will definitely be shaped by technology. Even though many other technologies will play a part in the industry's future, the ones mentioned here are critical. Fortunately for gamers, it all points to a bigger and better iGaming world.   


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