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January 12, 2021

Best Practices To Improve Productivity Of Call Center Workforce

Productivity. A sole aspect that is responsible for your organization’s success.

If your employees are not motivated enough to stay productive, your call center will probably hardly take any calls or indulge in cold calls. Result? Failure.

Thus, it is important your call center is focused on ensuring the productivity of your sales team. Thankfully, today, there are plenty of tools and methods that can help you achieve that.

From tools that help you time your employees on the number of hours they take to complete a project to accurately measure their payrolls, these tools have proven to be truly effective when it comes to encouraging the team to not stay far away from their chairs for too long.

We never said do not allow your employees to take any breaks. Surely do that. Breaks will help them energize and revitalize to continue further. However, it is important that they know the seriousness of adhering to the schedules that you have in place (if you don’t have a schedule set, make sure you do!).

In this article, you can read about the tools and other practices to improve the productivity of your workforce at the call center.

  • Choose the right tool

We have already talked about the fact that there are now extensive tools that are available in the market for employers in call centers to purchase.

The first tool that you can pick is a time tracker. This software allows you to track the time that your employees were working for, the time they logged in and logged out, and also the time they are spending on a particular website.

The next line is payroll software. This software allows you to inform your employees that their attendance is being tracked with accuracy. You can also check the hours they were not at their seat with this tool. This is a great tool to encourage employees to perform better. If you are in search of cheap payroll software, you can purchase either Gusto or APS Payroll.

You can also consider project management software to make sure none of your employees are overburdened with work. 

  • Define clear KPIs

Make sure you have your Key Performance Indicators, which are otherwise known as KPIs, are your priority so that your employees can set their personal goals.

Before you can set your KPIs, you need to have your own organizational goals in place. Then you can go ahead and start setting your indicators such as first call resolution rate, adherence, call deflection, average conversation times, and many more.

Suppose you have never set your KPIs before or are confused as to what exactly should you monitor, you can begin by tracking it for a quarter and setting those results as your initial benchmark.

  • Encourage employee empowerment

Employee engagement. A phrase that is more powerful than just being a buzzword in the industry. Employee empowerment is actually a concept where your employees have significant control over their actions, the way they perform, and when they perform. When done the right way, it can turn out to be a fruitful practice for many.

When your employees are given the freedom to perform the way they wish to, it can improve their performance.

For instance, to could give your employees control over what they do and their actions, you can try by developing an extra position named ‘subject matter expert’ or you can give them the freedom to interchange their departments (contact center), or you can simply offer them a chance to learn a new skill that will help them and the organization both succeed.


Improving the productivity of employees might seem like a difficult aspect to take care of but it is not impossible. With the right set of tools, right practices, and the right mindset, you can easily encourage your employees and motivate them to perform better at their jobs.

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