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January 05, 2021

10 Best Keylogger for Android

Many people can be found online looking for the best keylogger for Android (News - Alert). Most of these are employers or concerned married people searching for a keylogger app so that they can keep a check on their relatives’. Others are strict parents looking to keep an eye on children’s online conversations.

With the help of a keylogger, users would be able to record all the keystrokes of the target, especially in order to gain access to passwords and other confidential information. To help the user make a wise choice in this matter, this article would state 10 best keylogger apps for Android devices.

Part 1: Safespy

Among the best features of this app is its steadfast keylogger that can be used by the user to save all records of touches on the target's phone. Using this feature, the user would be able to record passwords, email addresses, bookmarks, and much more.

1.1. What renders Safespy a Finest Keylogger

With a satisfaction rate of over 96% and half a million verified subscribers to its various packages, Safespy is reported to be top-rated keyloggers available right now.

  • Secure

The most key advantage of this keylogging app is that it is secure. Its programmers have worked really hard to ensure the security of this application. It makes sure that no one accepts the user is accessing information. It keeps adding updates on Android’s ID. Users can easily spy on targets in a secure and safe way.

  • No Root Required

Many other spying apps and keyloggers ask for irrelevant access, such as root permissions in order to function. Giving root permissions can leave the phone vulnerable to attacks and hacking, and Safespy's users are safe from this disadvantage.

It provides efficient functions to its users without indulging in intrusive activities. This makes the target phone safe from malware attacks, and the target would never get suspicious.

  • Easy to Install

Safespy's programmers have made sure to cut down each and every part of the downloading and setting up process. It is an easy-to-use application. It provides constant updates dealing with bugs and adding more characteristics.

  • Stealth Mode

A spying app is only as good as its ability to remain hidden. You need to download this application on the target device, but it's stealth mode will remove this app from the display. This makes the app undetectable because the target would never find this application on his phone. Moreover, you can also uninstall this app from the target phone in a remote way.

  • Minute size

Another key feature of this app is its small size. This app is 2MB in size, which is less than most apps. This helps it remain undetectable because it will never create memory issues, and the target will not inquire about space problems.

1.2. How to set-up Safespy in Android devices cautiously?

In order to begin tracking the target Android device, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Use your email ID to create an account. You need to do this to view all details.

Step 2: You will now have to choose a subscription package based on your requirement. You can choose basic, premium, or family packages according to your condition.

Step 3: The app requires you to install it on the target phone in order to monitor that phone. But this does not compromise your plans of unnoticeably tracking because the app, once installed, disappears from the app drawer.

Step 4: After you are done with the above steps, you can log in to your account on any web browser, and all of the target's data will be there for you to see in real-time.

The data is available on the dashboard that organizes it for the user so they can easily view it without a problem.

1.3. Top-notch characteristics of Safespy

Safespy is the best Android keylogger that has been reviewed in glowing terms by trusted outlets such as Lifewire, CNET, and Buzzfeed. This application is used by over a million users in 190+ countries. This is because it has a list of offering feature out of which some are explained below:

  • Geo-fencing

Users can track the location of the target phone by using Safespy. The app utilizes the GPS of the target phone to beam the live location of the target to you in real-time. One can even set up alerts so that he will be able to monitor real-time and past device movements.

  • Sim Card Tracking

If the user wants to spy on his children, employees, or spouses, this app enables him to do this via sim card tracking. Users can know about all the places the target has visited without fear of being captured. He can also get to know about the time when the target visits certain places.

  • Social Media Track

The keylogging ability of this app is put to good use when recording activity on messaging apps. These include WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook (News - Alert), among others. All the messages and media shared through them are discreetly viewed on the dashboard.

  • Text Messages Reader

This app also collects all the text messages received and sent using the target phone. The texts are time-stamped and settled in a presentation that each contact is on display. Users can search for a specific topic if he remembers the keywords.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is free spying software that is reportedly the choice of customers in more than 190 countries worldwide. This application is easy to use and install. It has a handy dashboard that can be operated by any user easily.

This keylogger enables the user to spy on conversations and details on the target's phone. It records the activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (News - Alert) and pulls off passwords and uploaded media from them. He can use the geofencing feature to monitor real-time and past device movement.

Spyier provides premium services, but their product also comes at a premium price. Their packages are not cost-efficient, especially if the user needs to track more than one Android device.

Part 3: Spyine

Spyine is a newly launched spy app and a keylogger. With the help of this keylogger, the user can get to know about all the information being shared on the target's phone. Its dashboard has been praised the most because of its convenient way of delivering information to the user.

Its minute size rescues it from getting captured by the target, as it causes no space issues, and it can work silently in the background. It lets users know about website searches so the user can know if any prohibited site has been visited.

Part 4: Minspy

Minspy is a keylogger that shows a safe way to spy on another person’s phone. This keylogger gives its users a view of the data that is stored on and exchanged through a target device. It assists in keystroke recording, clipboard monitoring, and application logs. In addition, It can capture screenshots.

This app’s keylogging feature helps to find someone’s login credentials and other crucial information. Besides this function, users can spy on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and many other social apps. This application offers real-time location tracking, every Internet surfing details, and web browser tracing.

Part 5: Spyzie

This a cost-effective application as compared to its competitors, but it also lacks some key features even in its premium subscription. Spyzie serves as a keylogger and helps the user find all the credentials and confidential details.

Besides its keylogging feature, it serves as a spy on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social apps. Users can find all the details on their dashboard that can be operated very easily. It gives all the information about whom the target is talking to entire shared stuff.

Part 6: Neatspy

Neatspy is a recently initiated spying software that has been making progress due to its quality features. It keeps providing security updates, and it continues to add new features freely with each update.

For setting this application up, the user needs to download it on the target's Android phone. With the help of this keylogger, Users can see all the saved passwords, search history, download history, and cookies. Its keylogger spies on the shared details and media and shows it on the dashboard.

The user needs to install the app on the target phone before it can begin working. It means that the user needs physical access to the target's phone, which could be impossible in some cases.

Part 7: Spyic

Spyic is spying software that has an excellent keylogger among its array of spying features. One can view text messages, call logs, web history, and social apps with the assistance of Spyic. This app provides a geofence alert feature as well.

With the help of this feature, the user can draw maps on the e-map so that whenever the target would go to that particular place, he would get notified.

The app requires a constant internet connection to update the online dashboard with the latest information from the target phone.

Part 8: FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a famous spying software among parents because its keylogger empowers them to spy on their children for their safety. Keylogger enables to record the keystrokes by which parents can check if a confidential conversation or stuff is being shared.

This app has this specialty to detect harmful words and phrases in the conversation it records from different messaging applications. Users can take screenshots of any suspicious activity as well.

FoneMonitor works great but simply costs too much for normal families to be able to afford it.

Part 9: TeenSafe

Another spy app and keylogger that has been praised for its effectiveness by top news outlets such as the New York Times Magazine and Forbes. With the assistance of TeenSafe's keylogger, the user can gather the data quickly, easily, and remotely.

TeenSafe can spy on the target's social media apps. It can give minute details such as shared media, documents, browsing history, and bookmarks. It can track sim location by using GPS. Users can also spy on text messages and call logs.

TeenSafe comes at a high price, even for a single device. This can be tough for people who cannot spare extravagant amounts for Spying.

Part 10: Cocospy

This is a relatively cheap app that packs a free Android keylogger on board. Users can spy on target in real-time. With the help of Cocospy, one can spy on a target's social media apps, shared media, and website history.

Cocospy has an easy-to-use and handy dashboard. With the help of this dashboard, the user can view online details of the target's phone and spy on his on-going activities.

The app requires a constant internet connection for updates and viewing information. It is cheap but lacks some features.


This article has shown the top 10 keyloggers for Android, so that someone who wants to track activities of their lover can choose the one that suits you best from this article.

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