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December 28, 2020

How Technology Is Transforming the Gambling World?

The future is now. We live in the highly-developed world, where all industries experience technology’s influence. Gambling is not an exclusion - casino technology grows and brings new opportunities to players. Not only games become available for mobile devices, but also AR and VR technologies sneak into the industry to provide users with seamless experience. Technology changes all spheres of our life completely and gambling is definitely in the list. Let’s speculate on possible scenarios and discuss the future of casinos and digitalization.

Mobile gambling

It’s not news that everything goes mobile these days. According to BankMyCell statistics, in 2020 the number of smartphone users around the world is 3.5 billion (44,69%). We use portable devices to get around the city, order food and clothes, track the state of our health, and entertain ourselves, of course. With a stable Internet connection and well-charged mobile device, every smartphone owner can enjoy gambling games wherever he/she is. Making bets and turning the roulette becomes a matter of one finger tap. What is more, some casinos provide official applications with special rewards for players, which makes their playing sessions even more enjoyable.

Online gambling platforms

Online gambling allows players to visit casinos without leaving their rooms. Everyone can enjoy numerous benefits of online gambling, whether they are looking for special software, discount offers, bonuses, $3 minimum deposit casino options, etc. Modern technologies ensure an amazing gambling atmosphere, delivering realistic 3D visuals, great sound effects, and advanced algorithms that stand behind the playing processes. More and more people switch to online gambling from brick-and-mortar casinos, just because it is accessible, convenient, and engaging.  

AR and VR in casinos

Augmented and virtual reality technologies see impressive growth in the past couple of years. Headsets become cheaper and more people can afford immersing into the parallel digital world with their help. Virtual reality allows gamblers to “visit” casinos, play at tables, and even shake other players’ hands – all visual, sound, and even tactile effects feel like real-life experience. 

The largest software providers in the casino industry, namely Microgaming and Netent, already take this development path. For example, Microgaming presented their first virtual reality roulette in 2016 and received the prize called Innovation of the Year at International Gaming Awards. Their competitor Netent has released a couple of VR games based on their 3D products, like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and others.

AI technology in gambling

AI shows itself perfectly when it comes to fraud prevention. All in all, gambling is a sphere where financial operations take place, so both casinos and players want to be sure that no cheats or hacks are waiting for them. Fraud can be tricky and hard to distinguish - players can use VPN to register more accounts and get welcome bonuses unfairly, while casinos can cheat with payouts. Gaming and technology have evolved enough to detect multiple accounts and assist managers to identify if their employees have sticky fingers.

New payment options

Long time ago, we only had postal and bank orders to transfer cash. The growth of technology brought numerous other convenient and instant options. Some of them are commission-free and/or anonymous. Cashless payment methods in casinos are diverse:

  • Credit and debit cards

This one is a traditional and most popular way to pay online. Almost every modern casino accepts VISA and MasterCard (News - Alert) cards.

  • E-wallets

Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and other digital wallets can be used for safe and immediate online transactions at casinos.

  • Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoins, and other digital currencies are used on numerous gambling platforms. What is more, most services provide cashback and discounts to those who prefer paying with digital cash.

Tools for responsible gambling

Licensed online casinos provide gamblers with special tools to encourage responsible playing. These features put limits on players’ actions and help them control the process. For instance, you can set time or cash limits to avoid unwished expenses. When you reach the limit, the game will stop and offer you to set another limit or put it aside. Another popular tool is called “product block”. It is used to block particular games and manage your gambling activities. For example, if you visit a website to play poker, but you cannot avoid a couple of roulette spins, you can block access to the roulette section. Players can also use time-outs to block gambling websites for a particular period (one day, a week, a month, etc.).


Technological advancements continue evolving and developers discover new ways to improve your playing experience to get you even more engaged in the entertaining world of gambling. Mobile and online gambling sites as well as brand new cashless payment options were just the beginning of this bright improvement. AR, VR, and AI technologies have the potential to change the gambling experience from the ground up, so we are looking forward to seeing a mountain of beautiful innovations and new players joining the universe of digital casinos. Stay tuned!

Author’s Bio:

Jeff Blaylock is a professional writer and blogger. He tracks the freshest trends of the gambling industry and shares his insights with the audience. Currently, Jeff is researching the topic about digitalization and its connection with the entertaining industry. He is working on the series of articles devoted to this theme and plans to observe it from many different angles.

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