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December 23, 2020

Five Things Live Dealer Casinos Should Improve On In 2021

The online gaming industry has undergone numerous transformations since it was established. The changes come alongside technological innovations that have helped to bring new things to the iGaming sector, such as live dealer casinos.

With all the great things that are credited to the transformation of online gaming, none can match the convenience it affords the vast iGaming population. Today, mobile gaming has become a thing, enabling you to access gaming from anywhere in the world.

Besides, the emergence of live dealer casinos is creating a gaming atmosphere almost similar to the one in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, with the changes taking place in the iGaming sector, there are things that these casinos need to improve on to suit the modern-day gamer. 

Mobile Compatibility

Today, people have become attached to their phones, carrying them along almost everywhere they go. Seeing that it is hard to separate people from their hand-held devices, casino software developers started making live dealer games that could perform well on mobile phones.

Currently, most live dealer games are compatible with mobile, but the biggest problem is that some operating systems aren't supported. Most live casinos are compatible with iOS and Android (News - Alert) devices, leaving out people using devices powered by other operating systems.

Live casinos should ensure their live dealer games run smoothly on other operating systems like Windows, BlackBerry, Web OS, and Symbian (News - Alert) within the shortest time possible. This is something that many players hope will happen soon, so live dealers need to act. 

Increase the Number of Live Games

Live casinos are becoming the preferred option for gamers worldwide. The possibility to enjoy a real casino gaming atmosphere from your screen is more of an impressive opportunity that many people have come to love.

The availability of live games means that you don't have to travel to land-based venues to enjoy your favorite live table games, which are the most common live dealer games. The number of these games, however, is limited compared to their high demand.

Live dealer casinos should add more live games to give gamers more options. Nothing would be as fulfilling to fans of live games as seeing a more extensive catalogue than is the case today. Being able to choose from unlimited options is satisfying than playing similar titles repeatedly. 

In case you’re wondering, you can find a list of the best live dealer online casinos at . The site ranks the best-rated operators, and shows you the games to expect from each live casino.

Virtual Reality Live Casinos

For fans of live casino games, the recent development of virtual reality is a mouth-watering technology. The immersive virtual reality experience is already here with us, and it is already taking the iGaming sector by storm.

With VR goggles now available on the market, iGamers can experience the full-blown and high-end virtual reality experience in casino games such as slots. Many gamers have hailed the new innovation, and it would be more fun if they can see it in live dealer casinos.

The use of VR in live casinos will allow players to virtually step inside casinos and take a walk as they would do in a land-based casino. Players will be able to reach out for the cards, take a look at them as well as play with chips as they chat with other players.

Themed Games

Live dealer sites offer a variety of live games that gamers have come to love. One thing, however, that is missing in these casinos is themed games. Most of them follow similar themes, which can be a bit boring for gamers looking for live games that have different themes.

We all love references to pop culture, and these are things that these sites can consider adding to their games. Think of blockbuster movies, famous sports, space exploration, and video games. There are so many themes that live dealers can add to their games.

Having themed games will add an interesting and entertaining twist to gaming. Besides, playing branded movies is extremely fun; there is no uncertainty about that. Themed games are the future of online gaming, so it's about time live casinos introduced such games.

Increase the Social Aspect (News - Alert)

Over the years, software developers are increasingly incorporating social aspects within the games they develop to increase customer engagement. Many people are turning to casino games to satisfy their social needs. Live dealer sites offer this concept, but there is still room for improvement.

For instance, they need to work on the technical bit to ensure players don't encounter technical problems during gameplay. Live dealers should also improve user engagement as this enhances the social aspects of gaming. They can achieve this through:

  1. Push notifications: Players can be notified about various happenings in a game. For instance, they can get notifications whenever they are mentioned, when it is their turn to place a bet when they want to challenge friends and much more
  2. Activity feeds: Through this, players to view other player's activities. Through this, gamers can follow others' progress and also share their thoughts about their iGaming experience, ask questions, give feedback, request live videos and whatever else they may want.
  3. Player Guilds: In the future, live dealers need to introduce guilds that can help gamers build gaming communities that are united by playing styles, interests, and engagement levels. Inside these guilds, members can play together, exchange ideas, make new friends and help each other achieve various gaming goals.
  4. In-game chats: Live casinos should give gamers a platform to communicate as the games are ongoing. This will deliver a real-life gaming adventure as well as save them from having to switch apps any time they want to message other gamers.

Why live Casinos?

When live casinos emerged in the iGaming sector, players were happy to play live games. For those who have ever played in land-based casinos, live casinos came as great news. The reason being, through them, they can invoke the thrill of playing in brick-and-mortar facilities.

The sites offer players anonymity and are much more convenient than scheduling a trip to land-based casinos. The ability to interact with other gamers and live dealers as you play makes gaming interactive and enjoyable. Such aspects make live games appealing to many people.

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