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November 09, 2020

How to Read Someone's Text Messages Without Their Phone 2020

Smartphones are a brilliant invention of technology that can perform a variety of innovative things. Moreover, they offer the user to save critical data on it, which was not possible ten years ago. Additionally, it serves as a communication device for the user to send or view text messages online.

It is difficult for another person to learn how to read someone’s text messages without their phone. It is where spy phone apps come in to offer convenient support. People such as parents, spouses, or an employer can use spy apps to read someone's text messages without having access to the phones and in a safe manner.

Part 1: How to Read Someone's Text Messages Without Their Phone (News - Alert)?

Spy phone apps can allow the user to read someone’s text message without touching the target phone. However, it is vital to pick a reliable service as opting for some free platform could result in user data getting leaked or hacked. In this section, we will discuss how you read someone else’s text messages with complete security.

 1.1: The Minspy iOS Solution to Read Text Messages

Minspy is an exceptional phone monitoring app that offers a user the ability to track text messages on Android (News - Alert) and iOS devices. A user wouldn’t even need to pick up the target iPhone as Minspy does not require the user to add an app.

The user can learn the iCloud account details of the targeted user. It is enough to enable the tracking process. Once the spying is functional, the user can access each facility of Minspy through a web-based control panel.

We will discuss how to enable phone tracking on the target iPhone (News - Alert) in the next section of the tutorial.

1.2: How to Read Someone Else's Text Messages Online for Free on an iPhone?

The best way to read someone else’s text messages without a target phone on iPhone is through the Minspy spy app.

The step-by-step process of using Minspy correctly to track an iPhone is as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Minspy application and register an account. The process is free. Select iOS as the platform for the target phone and subscribe to one of the service’s pricing plans.

Step 2: To target an iPhone, there is no need to install any app on the device. The user should have access to the username and password of the targeted person’s iCloud account. Set the name for the device and enable monitoring.

Step 3: After that, log on to the Control Panel from any browser and access the dashboard. Proceed to the part where text messages are made available. Remotely view them and learn the information about the other person who is sending or receiving the texts.

Part 2: How to Read Someone's Text Messages of An Android Device Without Them Knowing?

This section is for users who wish to track someone else's text messages being exchanged on the target Android device. Here, we will discuss how reading someone else’s texts on Android undetected is possible.

2.1: How is it Possible to Read Someone else’s Text Messages on Android?

The whole point of a spy phone is to offer the user a channel to read someone else’s text message without revealing their identity. It makes it possible for the user to perform the entire tracking activity undetected.

The Stealth Mode enabled hides the app from the target user’s direct sight, while the app functions at full capacity in the background. The user just has to pick up the phone once physically, and once the account is set, they can read the text messages remotely.

In the next part, we will share the method to install Minspy on the target Android phone and make the app invisible.

2.2: How to Read Someone Else's Text Messages Online for Free on an Android Device?

Unlike the method to add Minspy on an iPhone, the user must manually install the apk app on the target Android phone. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Access the official website of Minspy from the web browser and create a new account for free. Select Android as the target platform and purchase the service.

Step 2: Pick up the Android phone and access the settings menu. Go to Screen Lock and Security and enable the Unknown Sources option before pressing on OK. Install the apk app on the phone and run it immediately. Add the account details previously used for registration on Minspy and enable the Stealth Mode.

Step 3: Access the computer to complete the set-up process. Click on Start, and the wizard will redirect the web page to the web-based control panel’s dashboard. Access the Check Messages tab and view new and old messages without the user knowing.

Part 3: How to Get Text Messages without a Target (News - Alert) Phone?

Accessing someone else’s text messages was never easy, but Minspy has made it convenient for the user. The service offers several other features to track different activities occurring on the target phone. We will discuss the features and benefits of the platform here.

3.1: The In-Demand Features of Minspy

Here are the platform features other than text messages spying that allow the user to monitor each activity happening on the target phone remotely.

  • Call Monitoring

Minspy has a call monitoring feature that gives the user a complete insight into the other person’s call history. The user can access detailed information such as caller ID, call duration, time of call, and much more with the utility.

  • Social Media Monitoring

If a user wishes to know someone’s entire message history, they should not limit themselves to SMS or iMessage. Social media platforms are most often used as an alternative for text messages today.

It monitors the chat history and media files exchanged by the targeted user on their social media platform. It can monitor top apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • Application Monitor

This feature gives the user the option to check what type of applications are installed on the target iPhone/Android. Moreover, it can even allow them to restrict the targeted person’s access to any application or limit the number of hours they use it. It is a useful parental control feature.

  • Location Monitor

Location monitoring utility provides location updates directly from the target device. It also gives the recent location along with a timestamp on the control panel. The geo-fencing will alert the user if the other person visits a prohibited area. This feature allows the user the luxury to know whether their loved one is safe or not.

3.2: Why We Choose Minspy to Read Someone's Text Messages Without Their Phone?

A subscription-based platform should be convenient for the user at all costs. It should be fast, intuitive, and highly secure for the person. It offers several benefits to its customers, and some of them we will discuss in the list below.

  • No Root or Jailbreak

Rooting or jailbreaking a phone is like breaking the phone’s seal. It can make the phone vulnerable to security attacks from third parties. Furthermore, it also makes others realize that someone is watching them.

Additionally, It does not ask the user to root the target Android phone or jailbreak the other person’s iPhone. It works without the need for such, which is a crucial feature to keep the device’s security intact.

  • Fast and Easy Setup

Minspy has a super-fast setup wizard. The user does not need technical knowledge to add the app on the target device as the process is simple.

  • Web-Based Interface

There is no need to install software on the mobile phone or PC to read a message on someone else’s phone. The user can operate Minspy through its dashboard that is accessible from any web browser.

The web-based control panel makes the spying highly secure and convenient. It does not burden the memory space of the computer or any other device.


Although there are many ways to read someone's message online, one should not go ahead blindly with random applications. It will help if the user gets the assistance of platforms that are tried and tested.

All the ways mentioned in this article are sufficient in allowing the user to read someone else’s text messages without the phone. The best part of using such apps is that the other person will never know that someone else reads their texts remotely.

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