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November 03, 2020

New Features for World of Ports 2.0 Benefits Marine Surveyors

Launched in 2007 and available online in 2010, the World of Ports interface has provided essential port data collection and market intelligence for the global transportation industry. Over the last year and a half, the 2.0 version for World of Ports was redesigned and it is bringing more transparency and logistical data to the forefront of the seafaring shipping industry.

The World of Ports 2.0 handles 16,000 terminals, 4,600 ports, and 36,000 individual berths. With such a vast network and data analysis through Inchcape’s World of Ports system, critical information is delivered quicker while shedding light on potential risks and issues that may occur before and during transportation. The transparency benefits marine surveyors on a global scale by keeping track of researchable data and details that save costs and time. Predictability, especially during times of COVID, is a key factor in logistical planning, and below are the handful of new features that will soon be available for the Port data module.

What World of Ports 2.0 Brings to the Table

  • Optimal tracking and advanced search filters make it simple to look up a vessel’s IMO number, ship name, and regional port. Port data is essential for marine surveyors, and immediate access to ship and port info creates easier predictability for each operation.
  • Transparency for cargo load estimations in port is made easy with Inchcapes algorithms. Shipping companies and marine surveyors rely on accurate load weight info to make accurate assessments in port, and the market intelligence module provides insight into commodity flows.
  • Customized alerts make preparation for smooth berthing while learning if other ships are arriving and waiting or departing. Clients can also customize geofencing alerts for emission control areas and piracy zones.
  • Compliance is key and even more so during the times of COVID with unpredictable disruptions in trade and workflows. Receive recently updated port and terminal documentation as well as oconus environmental regulations with the refined World of Ports 2.0. Having real-time information keeps a ship ready upon entering port.

In a 2020 interview with, Vice President of Sales and Product Development Jeff Clark said, “We didn’t activate the news alert functionality in the first Port Data release, but it will come later in the year.” As the World of Ports 2.0 system rolls out, cargo and marine surveyors can expect quicker information and customizable features that create additional reliability as well as predictability.

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