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October 16, 2020

5 Ways to Manage Your Instagram Marketing Business

Instagram is the new social cool - more than a billion users worldwide are using Instagram for personal and professional purposes. This photo and video sharing app, which was taken over by Facebook (News - Alert), is perhaps, the primary network today for sharing great visual content in the form of posts, stories and short videos in the form of Instagram Reels or even live videos.

From celebrities and businesses to individuals, practically everyone is using Instagram today. Owing to its massive viewership and the large community that this platform hosts, Instagram has become a sort of an online market for businesses to promote and sell their products or services, reach their target audience, increase sales, build a brand image and engage with customers.

 In fact, small businesses rely largely on this social network to leverage its usage to convert Instagram followers to potential customers, boost digital earnings and eventually become a bigger brand.

When it comes to Instagram, there is no falling short of possibilities on how to use the platform to market your business and build a digital presence for it.

Each day more and more businesses are coming on-board Instagram in order to reap the fruits that this social media giant offers, so much so that Instagram marketing campaigns form an altogether separate domain of marketing strategies of various brands. Instagram marketing is a great way to promote your presence online, regardless of whether you are a small or a big brand.

The following are some of the ways in which you can effectively manage your Instagram marketing business:

Switch to an Instagram Business Profile -

If you are taking your business on Instagram, then be sure to make the switch to an Instagram business account from personal Instagram accounts. Converting to a business profile lets you access the many important features that a business profile enables, such as Story Links, through which you can add links to your website, specific landing pages, or even other posts or stories on your Instagram to increase engagement; and a Call To Action button, which appears in the Bio of your Instagram profile and allows the audience to contact you through call or email, get directions or shop from your business.

You can create and publish Instagram ads without the need to use Facebook’s advertising tools with an Instagram business account. Besides, you also get access to Instagram insights and analytics completely free, which can help you create more personalized products for your customers. There is no saying no to free perks, is it?

Make Best Use of Instagram’s Free Tools -

Perhaps the most useful feature that you will get with a business profile on Instagram is Instagram insights. This feature will show you profile metrics and statistics including website clicks, profile visits, impressions and more. You can also track the demographic information such as location, age groups, gender and active times of your followers.

Further, you can get a thoroughly analytical view of how your individual posts or stories are performing. When combined well in aggregate form, this extremely useful information can help you create more personalized products for your customers or help you more strategically expand your target audience for greater product sales.

Collaborate with Influencers -

If you want to reach more potential customers on Instagram, the fastest and most effective way to do so is through Instagram influencers who already have a considerable following on Instagram.

More and more people buy services or products based on what they see in their feed from the influential people whom they follow, for the simple reason that they trust them. When users see that your products are actually used by real life people, it automatically builds up authenticity and customer trust.

Therefore, the best way to organically increase and not buy Instagram followers through third party agencies, is to establish partnerships with influencers. Investing in Influencer marketing can reap fruitful results provided you are setting out clear goals and a targeted strategy in line with the niche of your business, to make the affiliation feel as natural as possible.

Never Overlook the Power of Great Visual Content -

Instagram is largely visual - your audience will first see the graphic that you post and will read the textual data (like the caption) afterwards. What you post on Instagram is as important as how you post it because well, nobody likes to read through a clutter of information, stuffed up in a single image.

Clean and readable visuals are therefore, significant to create a classic and sophisticated brand image. Fonts, backgrounds, colors, filters, perspective, all add up to make a vibrant visual that clearly tells your story or the story of the brand that you have created.

Killer graphic designs and creatives and professional level photo editing are essential factors so as to level up your Instagram posts. Stunning photos and eye-catching visual content will naturally improve your brand image online and hence, organically bring in more visitors and followers your way, whom you can then convert into potential customers.

Feature Customers -

When your Instagram audience will see your product actually being bought and used by real persons, it gives your business a human connect and credibility. Therefore, posting customer testimonials, reviews and featuring them on your Instagram profile can be of twofold advantage - one, it shows that people are actually buying your products and two, when customers share their experiences of having used your product, it gives your other followers a fascination to try out and purchase your brand’s products.

Alternatively, you can ask your customers who buy your products to post its reviews on their own timelines and tag (News - Alert) your business profile. Doing so, will create an effect of personalization which the audience can relate to. This will undeniably, increase your reach on Instagram and also lead to better search rankings in search engines like Google (News - Alert). And needless to say, more happy customers means a more successful business.

Instagram marketing is undeniably, one of the best ways to promote your business and increase sales effectively. With plenty of integrated features, curated especially for businesses - such as Instagram Ads, Business Accounts, Insights – this social platform is truly a gold mine for businesses! Marketing on Instagram means that you can be as creative as you want to and build a unique identity for your brand by creating compelling visual content.

So, get set and use the above ways to manage your Instagram marketing business to reap the results and watch your brand grow by the day - all in just a flick of time.

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