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October 15, 2020

Phonak hearing aids are the perfect fit for your life

That you are now given the freedom to come and go as you please, without feeling restricted by your hearing loss, is paramount to your quality of life. This is what we mainly focus on when building new platforms for Phonak hearing aids.

Our goal is to create hearing aids that automatically and effortlessly simplify your life while providing you with an exceptional hearing experience anytime, anywhere!

How hearing aids work

Modern hearing aids have much more to offer than just amplification to try to re-hear sounds lost due to hearing loss. They can emphasize sounds from specific directions or of a specific type, suppress noise or compress frequencies to make them audible again. This all takes place automatically in the hearing aid, which recognizes the situation the wearer is in and automatically adjusts accordingly.

Our latest hearing aids can also be connected to smartphones and the TV, as well as hands-free calling and effortlessly streaming audio from countless devices. There are even rechargeable options available to make sure you never have to fumble with a hearing aid again.

Phonak's mission

Phonak has a very clear mission and that is to remove the barrier between people with hearing difficulties and their family and friends. They are convinced that restoring one's hearing can have a profound effect on one's life. They are fully committed to breaking the stigma associated with hearing loss.

Phonak is committed to integrating hearing aids, such as glasses or contact lenses. Because why should there be any difference? That's why they are constantly looking for innovative ways to develop so that they can remove the barriers for the hearing impaired. In doing so, they look at the different types of hearing loss, from mild to severe hearing loss. Everyone should be able to enjoy all the beauty that sound offers us. Phonak's motto fits in perfectly with this: Life is on!

Widex EVOKE Hearing Aid

About the Widex brand

Widex Evoke has been known for years for the natural and comfortable sound of the hearing aids they offer. Hearing impaired people who use a Widex hearing aid usually continue to choose this brand of hearing aids for replacement. Widex is also known for its innovation. The Widex EVOKE is the brand new hearing aid from Widex and is the first self-learning hearing aid in the world. This has started a new era for hearing solutions.

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