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September 10, 2020

5 Ways to Use Reddit for Studying

Reddit is a massive social platform with more than 430 million visitors every month. As a result, it’s considered one of the most exciting websites on the internet, living up to its slogan of being the “Front Page of the Internet.”

People share their opinions, experiences, stories, and questions, where others interact by answering their questions, relating to their problems, or offering to tackle their issues from a different angle. Moreover, the platform can be used for more serious purposes, depending on the needs of users. In this article, we’ll explain 5 ways where students can use Reddit for studying.

How Does Reddit Work?

The platform depends on posts that users share. Others upvote or downvote the posts, depending on whether they like them or not. With people from all walks of life, Reddit is considered one of the most versatile community-based platforms.

Every user can create a sub-community or a subreddit, revolving around a particular topic or subject. This can be broad or more specific, and every post gets fed into the related subreddit.

5 Different Ways to Use Reddit for Studying

Whether you’re asking about the plot of the last X-Men movie or the consequences of mastectomy, there will be subreddits that tackle this issue. This is why students can make use of this huge platform to help them study better. Below we’ll discuss 5 different ways where Reddit can be used for studying.

1.     Course Setup

A specific subreddit can be dedicated to a course, with all the course material posted in related posts. This will help students access different topics whenever they want to, as the teacher, as well as other students, keep on adding questions and answers to the subreddit.

Students will all have access to that course, where they can look for answers, answer questions of other users, or share their opinion about a specific issue. As a result, the subreddit will keep on growing, thanks to the hands-on contribution of students and teachers.

Posts can contain links to images, audio files, and videos that allow teachers and students to use appropriate multimedia content to explain lessons better. The overall experience of interaction between students and teachers will help learning become more student-based.

2.     Use Live Streams

Online learning is gaining more popularity because it allows people to work from different locations and time zones. Reddit offers the option to live stream so students can meet up for an online study group, or simply ask their teachers and professors questions wherever they are.

The process is easy as soon as you download the Reddit app. You should head to the r/pan, and wait for the broadcast to start.

3.     Creating a Community

Reddit can be used to connect people with similar interests, so they can be part of a strong community where all members share the same concerns. This can be done by the teacher or students themselves, where they can dedicate a subreddit to the class or a particular subject.

The idea is to get everyone involved by asking fun questions, talking about assignments, and discussing ideas for projects. Some young and older people feel more relaxed behind a screen, so they might be more encouraged to speak their minds and discuss their ideas.

Different students can make subreddits to finish group work by dividing themselves into groups or assigning roles for a big classroom project. The posts will be available for everyone to check according to their own schedule, so people can feel more relaxed and involved. At the same time, all the posts will be available, so the moderator can keep an eye on any attempts of cyberbullying.

4.     Finding Answers to Homework Questions

Let’s face it. Not all students are fond of doing their homework assignments. Nevertheless, they have to submit their work on time, or they will suffer from undesirable consequences. Reddit users might be able to help.

The amazing thing about Reddit is that there’s an unlimited number of subreddits and posts that get updated every single day. All you have to do is post your question, and you’ll be directed to all the subreddits and threads that tackle that point. You can even access the archived threads and see what people posted in the past.

The good thing is that you will see how different people tackle the same issue or question, so you can gain insight into the ideas of people from all walks of life. The bad thing is that things can get too overwhelming, and you might not be able to reach the right answer. If you’re lucky, you can post your question and wait for someone with more experience to provide the right answer. Apart from that, you can post your essay question in one of the subreddits dedicated to reddit writing services and have your essay written in a few hours.

5.     Encourage Writing

Subreddits can be used as prompts to encourage essay writing. This informal way works as students get to engage in peer correction while reading and evaluating the work of others. The approach can be adjusted as a teacher can dedicate a subreddit to a specific topic, or even have a subreddit for every student where they keep on adding posts that show their writing progress.

This feature can also be used with the teacher's intervention if there is a group of students trying to improve their writing skills. The whole concept of sharing and evaluating other people’s work will encourage more shy students to engage.

What are the Cons of Using Reddit for Studying?

Using Reddit for studying, just like everything in life, comes with a few pitfalls. Here are a few things that should be taken into consideration.

  • People might not stay on topic. Instead of focusing on an education-related subreddit, they might wander off where they can get caught up in other topics like computer games or TV shows.

  • There are lots of subreddits that are dedicated to pornography and other adult-related content. If Reddit is used in a classroom setting or for online learning, it should be used under the supervision of a teacher or an adult.

  • There’s no way you can verify that everything posted on Reddit will be accurate or correct. This is extremely important, mainly if you depend on other Reddit users' answers to finish your homework assignments.

Final Thoughts

Reddit can be used to make the learning process more engaging and fun. However, supervision and caution are recommended to make sure that it delivers the desired results.

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Adam Simon is an avid Reddit user, educator and solopreneur. She runs a small translation agency and writes essay writing service reviews for As a writer and content editor, Rhonda spends most of her time writing engaging content or polishing content to perfection.

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