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August 19, 2020

4 Methods for Using the Cloud for your Home-Based Business

As more and more businesses transfer their operations into the digital space, dependency on the cloud has grown more essential than ever. This offsite network offers a slew of benefits for its users including services such as Google Drive, Microsoft (News - Alert) Office, Dropbox, virtual offices, data storage, and more – all in an offsite location.

Year in and year out, IT consultants find themselves aiding home-based businesses across the world with the set-up of this vital internet application. In fact, experienced industry providers such as Sphere IT – an IT support London based company – have reported an increase in their offerings regarding cloud services. From layered protections to comprehensive data encryption, businesses must remain cautious when it comes to acquiring their digital tools.

Once the initial steps are completed, there are a few key improvements the cloud can provide. If you’re a home-based business, you’ll want to incorporate some of these methods into your workplace.

Securely Share Your Files

Even if operations are occurring entirely from home, file sharing is something every business must do to maintain proper communication and boost productivity. Email is the most utilised method, but this can pose some risks with professional use. For one, conventional email services are not secure, and can cause incredible damage to your business if they’re being used to send unencrypted classified documents – especially if privacy regulations like HIPAA protect them.

For this reason, any IT consultant will recommend using the cloud for operations. This secure online environment protects files in full – even in the event that you or the receiver’s systems are hacked – and allows users to download any data without the security risks posed by unencrypted emails.

Increase Digital Storage Space

Businesses will always require a large amount of digital space to manage tasks, else they risk constricting operational potential. Home-based companies face an even higher challenge when it comes to storage, but this is yet another problem the cloud can solve. Using an online service for file storage is not only more comfortable, but cost-effective, as businesses will only need to pay for the amount that they use. As the site is entirely online, employees can store a near unlimited amount of files.

Prepare for Anything with Disaster Recovery

Any efficient business IT support service will always include protections from potential disasters. Whether they are due to unpredictable natural disasters or in-person crime, any business is at risk for a setback that could throw operations into disarray. Should this occur, crucial data may be lost, and your business might suffer casualties it can’t bounce back from.

The cloud combats this fear by providing comprehensive storage for essential files. Its systems will not only protect your data, but keep them widely available for your team at all times. It even proves useful for innocent mistakes – like the accidental deletion of an important document – by maintaining an accessible revision history for every uploaded file.

Combat Cyber Crime

Even the most comprehensive IT support services cannot always shield your business from the unpredictability of cyber-attacks. This online form of crime will attack your operations from every angle with attempted hacks, ransomware, and viruses. Ultimately, your home business will need to maintain the proper – and protected – file storage to support an active line of defense.

Using the cloud is one of the best methods to achieve complete security. These systems will consistently make encrypted copies of your data and store them in a segregated, secure server that is always accessible to you. Even if a cyber-criminal takes over your data, the cloud can have your operations up and running again within the same day.


Setting up your home-based business can be a stressful task, but with the security offered by a cloud service, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Take the word of IT consultants worldwide, and incorporate this widely-used online tool into your operations to bring your business into the forefront of the digital revolution.

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