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August 05, 2020

Without a job through corona? The career coach gives you tips to get a new job quickly

The economic crisis is having a major impact on available jobs and therefore on the unemployment. Last April, 21,000 unemployed people were added in Flanders, as a result of which the unemployment rate will be 6.54%. One in five people say they fear losing their job. In this article, a number of tips from the career coach (translated to dutch: loopbaancoach) are discussed so that you can keep yourself straight in uncertain times.

Reason for concern or exaggerated?

Despite the negative reports, it is very important to remain as positive as possible. Try to clarify whether your fear of dismissal is based on a real threat. The designated person who can give you insight into this is your manager. Approach him or her at a quiet time and tell them about your concerns. Ultimately, if you get to hear the bad news that you are being fired, it is important to first give the resignation an emotional place. However, it is also important to take action quickly after the dismissal.

5 tips on how to deal with dismissal

  1. Don't blame anyone for your resignation. Don't take your emotions out on your surroundings, but try to find a different outlet.
  2. Seek advice from your current employer and support with family, friends or the union organization. It is also possible to find help online, for example on the VDAB site.
  3. Stay positive about the situation. It is better to leave the company with a positive impression than with excitement. It may also be that the economy picks up again and your employer then wants to hire you again. Also check whether you are entitled to application leave during the notice period, that is to say that you are given time to look for a new job.
  4. Let everyone know that you are looking. Use LinkedIn (News - Alert) to indicate that you are a jobseeker, so employers can search for you yourself. You can also choose to place your CV on the VDAB website.
  5. Look forward to a temporary job if sitting at home is not for you or if you need it financially. Search yourself or register with an employment agency.

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