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July 16, 2020

The Role of Technology in Transforming the Cannabis Industry

With the legalization of cannabis in most countries, most people are embracing the use of marijuana products for either recreation or medical purposes. Business platforms are being developed every day to help provide services to potential buyers. Apps are created daily to help the customers to select the type of cannabis products they need from multiple businesses.

As of now, it is evident that technology affects everything in the cannabis industry. It even starts with the growth of the plant. Some industries use remote sensors to monitor temperature, light intensity, and nutrient levels. In this case, the type of technology that they use will tell them what they need to know all the time. Hence, they are guaranteed of a good harvest. Below is the role of technology in transforming the cannabis industry.

Technology in Cannabis Cultivation

Technology has opened ways of innovating. There are now new ways of planting and extracting CBD from cannabis plants. There is the use of remote sensors to monitor how the plant is growing. They know how much CO2 is in the air, how much moisture the plant needs, and even how well the soil conducts electricity.

Thanks to cannabis extraction technology, there are new forms of cannabis consumption that have emerged. We now hear much more about CBD, which has gained a lot of popularity. Users now know that it contains low THC levels. This makes companies that sell CBD products some of the most well-known. If you are planning on getting some CBD products, you can visit Berkshire cbd for some quality organic products.

Retail, E-Commerce, and Delivery

Thanks to technology, legal cannabis states have the opportunity of using apps on their phones to select the type cannabis products they want and have them delivered right to their doorstep. For those who don’t understand how cannabis products work, some companies have created apps that educate consumers on how the products work and their different options.

In some states, cannabis products can be bought at dispensaries or through trusted dealers. However, one needs to be careful when buying these products because the laws concerning cannabis products keep on changing from time to time.

Customized consumption

With the help of technology, we frequently hear of cannabis products such as vaping juice, transdermal patches, and dosed inhalers. Vaping has been recognized for the past few years because of the advantages of using e-cigarettes compared to other cigarettes.

Technology has shown improvement in cases whereby physicians use a saliva test to determine the best cannabis consumption method for the human body, which can be consumed as capsules or oils.


Technology has changed a lot of things and made work easier for most of us. Technology will keep on being innovated as time goes by. Although there are many merits concerning technology in the cannabis industry, there are also demerits. For example, it is because of technology that scientists could research more about the cannabis plant and found out about the THC levels in it, hence its illegalization in most countries and states.

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