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July 15, 2020

How Technology can Shape the Future of Automotive Industry

Just like cell-phones can do much more than just making calls, thanks to technology, cars can do much more than just take you from one place to another. As the automotive industry works hand-in-hand with technology, the companies are delivering cars that not just drive but do much beyond that. Cars are considered fewer mechanical devices and more smart devices nowadays with advanced braking capabilities, fuel efficiency, and mapping technology.

The future of this industry is much brighter and so much more advanced that cars will not be seen as a medium just to take you from point A to point B, but much more than that. 

Here are a few ground-breaking technologies in talks now, and you can look forward to them in the near future.

1. Self-Driving Technology:

Several cars already have this technology installed, but they are semi self-driving vehicles where driver assistance is needed. These cars include motorway lane sensors, automatic braking sensors, Mapping technology, adaptive cruise control, cameras in the back, and front of the car, and self-parking capabilities. We are still far away from adopting these complete self-driving cars, though companies are doing wide testing to make it a reality.

2. More Fuel-Efficient:

Companies are not just bothered about increasing the car's performance but also reducing the effect it causes to the atmosphere, which is why they are constantly pushing themselves towards developing efficient electric vehicles. Many companies have already launched these in the market, but the shift from fuel to electric is still slow. Hybrid vehicles are quite popular nowadays as people are not ready to shift 100% to electric vehicles but we are sure by 2030, 99% of people will adopt electric vehicles in the U.S.

3. Predictive Vehicle Technology

The combination of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is being extensively used to predict the performance of the vehicle, and this is known as Predictive Vehicle Technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) also got into the mix to connect the vehicle to your smartphones where you can get feedback from the vehicle about its condition and you can give voice commands.

The Predictive Vehicle technology also uses sensors built in your car, the mileage, and car condition to determine the car performance and inform the users of any car malfunctions.

The Bottom Line- Till What Extent Should We Depend on Technology When it Comes to Trusting Our Lives with It:

This is one debate we humans have had with ourselves and others. The idea of driving a complete self-driving car where you take a back seat is great, but can you trust technology so much? Yes, the chances of human errors may be high, but are automation technology full-proof and safe? We believe that 99.99999% of times it is safe, but there is still that small chance something might go wrong because of a glitch. Introducing technology such as IoT to connect cars to a smartphone is great, but leaving the control of the car (to think of you giving control of your life) on technology completely is something that still sounds risky to most human beings. 

The famous case of the accident of the Self-driving Tesla car which was set on auto-pilot mode when the car crashed into a truck towing a trailer, killing the driver is one of the reasons why we believe the complete self-driving car is something from the future. Right now even Tesla insists that the driver should not leave the wheel even if the car is in Auto-pilot mode.

Tesla got caught up in an enormous litigation case due to this incident. In fact, with so much of technology involved in cars nowadays, any case of an accident due to malfunctioning of the vehicle can end up in the court for settlement as per famous car accident lawyer Joe Stephens. Such cases usually work in favor of the victim if they hire the right lawyers early in the case.

Even AI and Big Data are playing essential roles to customize the vehicles and notify the car owner if the vehicle needs any maintenance. The rise of the electric vehicle is helping curb down the pollution as it helps in reducing carbon emission.

We believe that technology has made our lives so much easier which is why we can let it take control of things to an extent but we need to learn to draw a line somewhere and take the control of the important aspects that can affect our life gravely.

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