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July 15, 2020

20 Best Indian Press Release Distribution Services Reviewed

As companies and organizations within India look for new ways to boost the performance of their PR campaigns, they are increasingly turning to press release distribution services as a way to connect with new audiences and customers. However, not all India press release distribution services are created equal. The best press release distribution services in India share several key characteristics: they have a wide and broad distribution network, they provide quick and proven results, and they provide plenty of extra features and options to make the creation, delivery and distribution of press releases as seamless as possible. With that in mind, here's a closer look at the 20 best Indian press release distribution services.

1 –

Top on our ranking is After taking several features into consideration, such as pricing, reach, customer support, and number of pickups, we decided to rank PR India Wire as #1 press release distribution service in India. At a time when other reputed Indian PR distribution companies are guaranteeing placement on 10 to 100 online news sites, PR India Wire guarantees publication of press release in up to 600 online news sites. PR India Wire is no doubt an “Industry Disruptor” redefining the way press release is distributed in India. With PR distribution prices starting from just $89, nothing can go wrong with PR India Wire. Most entrepreneurs and businesses in India have already made PR India Wire their top priority when it comes to India PR distribution. Their $299 MAX PR Distribution Pack is the Best Seller with guaranteed publication in up to 600 Global online news sites spanning across India, USA and Asia. Last but not the least, unlike other press release distribution companies that charge you an additional fee for each every extra word in your press release, PR India Wire has no word limit policy. Your press release can be 3000 words long and they still won’t charge you any extra premium.

2 - Business Wire India

Business Wire India has a particularly strong press release distribution network in the Asia-Pacific region, thanks primarily to distribution partners such as AP, Agence France-Presse and Interfax. The company also has a proprietary NX distribution network that includes 89,000+ media outlets across 190+ industry and trade categories. When partnering with Business Wire on your press release distribution needs, you also get access to a wide range of national, industry and specialty newswires that target the Indian marketplace. With over 60 years' worth of experience connecting audiences with organizations, Business Wire ranks as one of the most trusted names in the PR business. As an added bonus, legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett has invested in Business Wire via holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

3 - Cision

Cision empowers communicators to identify influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories and then measure the impact. Cision has been in the PR and communications business for over 65 years, and notably made a grand debut into the Asian marketplace in 2007 with the opening of its Hong Kong office. Cision's news research database includes thousands of top influencers and journalists within India, enabling organizations to craft customized and very compelling PR pitches. Cision offers an extensive suite of value-added services via the Cision Communications Cloud. The Cision PR distribution network now spans over 3,000 newsrooms; 10,000 websites; and 170 countries. Those who are looking for Indian PR outreach can try CISION.

4 - PR Newswire

The size and scope of PR Newswire (News - Alert)'s distribution network is simply unparalleled, spanning 300,000+ media outlets and 17 million journalists and influencers across 170 countries. Within Asia, you can super-target your press release distribution by geography, industry, vertical or niche. PR Newswire offers a highly acclaimed multimedia news release, which includes a customized landing page with online syndication, media distribution and guaranteed page views.

5- GlobeNewswire

A big selling point of GlobeNewswire is its international distribution network for press releases. This is made possible, in part, by its affiliation with West, one of the world's largest newswire distribution networks. While GlobeNewswire is best known for its press release distribution capabilities, it also offers an expanded suite of products such as those for regulatory filings and different PR workflow solutions for integrating press release distribution into an organization's overall PR office. As an added bonus, "Media Snippets" from GlobeNewswire enable clients to embed multimedia elements such as audio, video and images into press releases.

6 - Help a Reporter Out

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) provides a robust database of journalists and writers for upcoming stories, and has become a popular choice of Indian startups looking to get the word out about their services. Overall, HARO now includes 800,000+ sources and 55,000+ journalists and bloggers, all of whom use this service to get quotes, insights and commentary for upcoming stories. Best of all, the Basic service offering from HARO is free. For zero cost, you can get media opportunities delivered to your inbox several times throughout a day. The best way to think about HARO is that it is a way to pitch journalists on topics they want to hear about. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that top journalists from media outlets like TIME, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and New York Times leverage HARO as a way of writing compelling stories on very strict timelines.

7 - Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a popular PR software offering that enables organizations to search for and then outreach to journalists, monitor news, and build reports. Big-name clients that trust Muck Rack include Nike, Taco Bell, Comcast (News - Alert), Pfizer and Patagonia. Muck Rack is really much more than just a press release distribution service - it is also a news platform and media database that can be integrated into some very sophisticated communications offerings. Muck Rack wins points for being fast and intuitive to use, as well as its seamless integration with social media platform Twitter (News - Alert).

8 - Press Release Point

Press Release Point is a free press release distribution website and easily the most affordable service available. The only drawback, though, is that you only get one free press release every three months, and you are limited to text-only press releases without any multimedia elements or text links. So you'll probably upgrade to a still affordably priced $10 option, which unlocks a lot more features and functionality, like the ability to include text links with anchor tags. And, for just another $15, you can get your press release submitted to more than 40 free PR websites. The focus at Press Release Point is clearly Indian companies and startups, and it's quite likely that you'll find press releases linked to top Indian IT and financial services firms within the list of "most popular" and "most viewed" press releases on the homepage of Press Release Point. As an added bonus, Press Release Point provides plenty of tips, insights and coaching for anyone new to the PR game - including step-by-step instructions on how to format a press release properly.

9 - Conceptualise

Conceptualise ranks as one of the most affordable Indian PR distribution services, and should have the attention of any startup or small business in India looking to make a big PR splash without spending the big PR dollars. The basic, text-only press release is priced at just $125, and a multimedia version of that same press release is just $200. For that price, you get submission to 30-70 online media outlets, as well as a comprehensive report of all hits and mentions within 48 hours of publication. Conceptualise is a full-service digital marketing services company that specializes in SEO and social media. Some clients have reported some staggering ROI gains from using these press release distribution services, including a nearly 100% surge in revenue and a 800% boost in conversions. That makes Conceptualise a low-cost, high-impact provider of press release distribution services.

10 - InstaaPR

With a slogan of "managing your PR was never this easy," InstaaPR attempts to make the process of creating, distributing and tracking a press release as easy as possible for startups and small businesses. The basic PR campaign package costs $150 and includes distribution of the press release to online portals, social media, blogs and a variety of content partner sites. Typically, a press release gets published in 24 hours or less, so you can begin to track the performance of press release almost immediately. As an extra value-added service, InstaaPR also has been releasing reports and studies on digital marketing that can help to give your next press release the extra "bump" it needs to get mass media pickup.

11 - Digital Catalyst

Digital Catalyst is an SEO and Internet marketing services agency that also provides extensive press release distribution services. The primary distribution channel is via RSS to opt-in subscribers of Digital Catalyst. One added-value feature is a keyword search tool that enables each and every press release to be 100% SEO-friendly. You'll also get a detailed report once the press release has been distributed to the Digital Catalyst network.

12 - Easypresswire

Easypresswire is a leading press release distribution network based in Jaipur, India. The company offers two primary options to clients - they can either use the free, unpaid version of their press release distribution service or they can buy a paid package that unlocks a lot more features and options. For zero cost, you can have your press release posted on the home page of Easypresswire. But if you are looking to reach 25+ websites in your industry or vertical, then you should upgrade to the paid $40 ("Standard") tier. And, if you would like to boost your online distribution to 45+ websites in your industry or vertical, then you can upgrade to the $65 "Premium" package. With Premium, you'll also get complimentary social media posting of your press release, combined with search engine optimization and blog outreach to top Indian influencers. This service has been optimized for a handful of different verticals: technology, bio sciences, entertainment and automotive.

13 - Press Release Power

Press Release Power offers three primary tiers of press release distribution Silver, Gold and Diamond. For just $19 per press release via Silver, you can have your company's press release distributed to 25+ media sites, all the major search engines, and Google (News - Alert) News. There are also options for a social media blast, blog outreach and various levels of national, regional and local syndication. To give the service a try, there's also a free option where your press release will only be posted to the Press Release Power website.

14 - Newswire Online

If you are a company or startup in the entertainment, sports, cinema or tech sectors, then Newswire Online has several different options for helping your next press release get the mass media pickup it deserves. Newswire Online is known as "India's premier press release website," and for good reason. Submit a press release via a simple form, and they will publish your press release on their homepage and then help to get it featured across the company's news network. Pricing starts at 500 Indian rupees (approximately $5-10 at current exchange rates), so this is a very affordable way to get into the press release distribution game for startups and small businesses.

15 - Brain Pulse Technologies

Brain Pulse (News - Alert) offers press release creation and distribution services, primarily to a clientele of Indian companies. However, the company certainly has global ambitions (as evidenced by its slogan of "empowering businesses globally"), and Brain Pulse offers plenty of additional SEO and content marketing solutions to help your press release get both national and global exposure. The core press release offering from Brain Pulse uses a combination of RSS and XML feeds to deliver your press release to key news portals, including Yahoo News.

16 - PR 24x7

PR 24x7 offers a quick, simple three-step process (plan-distribute-deliver) to help companies of all sizes get started with press release distribution immediately. All press releases are 100% SEO and come with a 100% client satisfaction pledge. This India-based PR agency will deliver your press release to over 1,000 major news portals, helping you reach a potential audience of millions. As an added feature, PR 24x7 also publishes PR case studies and articles to show real-world examples of how Indian companies are using press releases to achieve their marketing goals.

17 - National Media Communique

If you are looking for personalized attention in getting your press release ready to go for a national media audience, look no further than National Media Communique. A Media Relations Executive will guide you through the process of creating a 100% search engine optimized press release, and then work with you to deliver it to the right audience at the right time. This agency also offers content writing services, if your startup or organization needs help in writing press releases for a certain audience.

18 - Digitals Daddy

Digitals Daddy is an India-based PR advertising agency with a strong presence in both Gurgaon and Delhi. The company offers some highly acclaimed press release distribution services, but the way to really optimize the reach and scale of any press release campaign is by partnering with Digitals Daddy on a range of other digital marketing services. For example, Digitals Daddy offers media relations services, which are designed to boost the editorial reach of any content that you produce in-house, as well as to maximize media placements of stories and news items. And the company's digital PR services can help you give a max boost to any social media or viral video campaign. Thus, a new press release distributed via Digitals Daddy can then be amplified across all of your company's social media platforms and transformed into a ready-to-publish article that can be placed on the websites of top-tier Indian media outlets.

19 - Oregon Technologies

If you are looking to layer in some SEO with each new press release campaign, then it's worth taking a closer look at Oregon Technologies ("Ortec"), which is an Indian IT solutions company founded in 2003. The company's primary forte is professional search engine optimization, and the company has won raves from its clients for getting their press releases prominently featured on top search engines like Google. Oregon Technologies also provides a full suite of complementary services to help your next press release distribution campaign get off the ground, including help in developing a high-quality press release, distributing your press release to various news sites and search engines, and submitting your press release to both free and paid PR distribution sites. When combined with SEO solutions related to social media and content marketing, this can be a powerful way to boost the reach and ROI of any new press release campaign.

20 - India Press Release

The primary selling point of India Press Release is getting access to the company's "living" media database, which could give your organization immediate access to some of the top journalists, writers, editors and influencers in India. India Press Release specializes in media relations, so it's easy to see how a startup or small business could leverage some of the company's other offerings - such as op-ed placements and press conferences - to help leverage the full power of a new press release. India Press Release also offers media monitoring for both online and print publications.

The Bottom Line

Getting in front of new customers, clients and investors has never been easier for companies and organizations looking to do business in India. Thanks to the tremendous growth in Internet marketing services and the different agencies and companies providing press release distribution services within India, it is now remarkably affordable and convenient to send out press releases on a regular basis. If you are looking to boost revenue, improve brand visibility or convert more website visitors into paying customers, then now is the time to work with one of the best Indian press release distribution services.

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