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July 02, 2020

How Technology Has Changed the Way Vacuum Cleaners Work

Modern vacuum cleaners are becoming more automated, thereby delivering convenience and reducing time spent on cleaning jobs. Unlike the past, when vacuum cleaners used to be mostly noisy and bulky, they have become better and smarter.

The introduction of technologies like WiFi (News - Alert) and Bluetooth connectivity, self-cleaning, anti-allergen filtration, cyclonic technology, smartphone control, as well as unique design that make them vacuum cleaners that don’t get clogged with hair, has significantly changed the way vacuum cleaners work.

Thanks to the top brands like Dyson and Tineco, constantly working towards making these household appliances better, homeowners can ensure cleaning their premises without much effort. Here, we’d like to put light on some of the advancements that are taking place in the world of vacuum cleaners to make things easier.

Anti Hair Wrap Technology

Hair is part of every home, and we all know the annoyance one would face if they get stuck with vacuum cleaners. Over time, hair can cause severe problems to the machine as they get tightly wrapped around the brush-roll, making a significant impact on its performance. This is why the home appliance manufacturers like Dyson and Shark are working with anti-hair wrap technology. Their latest models come with advanced motorized brush bars that are designed to tackle hair and ground-in dirt in tight spaces.

Shark brand has integrated a technology that actively removes hair from the brush-roll, so you don’t have to take the pain of removing them manually.  Also, the unique bristle-guard and combs in Shark’s products are designed to separate and remove hair from the machine to leave its bristle brush-roll tangle-free.

Cordless Performance

Cords have always been a matter of concern for the homeowners who love keeping their space clean. Either the cords of vacuum cleaners get broken due to regular usage, or they get tangled, making cleaning difficult. However, it’s the past now as cordless vacuum cleaners take charge with the ability to operate up to 30 minutes with a single charge. And guess what, Dyson makes things even more comfortable with its unique Drop-in docking feature. You can simply drop the vacuum cleaner into the wall-mounted dock, and it will charge itself while keeping it away from everyone’s sight.

HEPA Filtration

We all know those bulky vacuum cleaners that needed bags as a filter medium. You needed to open the bags to check dust inside so you know that the device is working as per your expectations. However, technology has changed, and using those traditional vacuum cleaners may cause health problems, especially if someone in your household has breathing problems.

This is where the HEPA filtration comes into the picture. This is, so far, the best-known filtering technology for modern vacuum cleaners. These filters are designed to trap even the smallest particles (99.97 percent of particulates 0.3 microns), which may be easily left behind by ordinary cleaners.

Cyclonic Technology

As the name suggests, it makes the vacuum cleaners work as a cyclone. In simple words, your vacuum cleaner works similar to the way your washing machine extracts stains from the clothes. Cyclonic technology allows the vacuum cleaners to remove dirt and dust from the air it collects while cleaning the space. Dyson has implemented the technology with over 14 cyclones integrated into the latest models that are designed to generate the force of more than 79,000g to fling microscopic particles. This means it can even catch the bacteria from the air or a surface.

So, your vacuum cleaner isn’t just sucking dirt or dust from the floor, but it uses centrifugal force to make it possible that you breathe fresh and healthy air.

Convertible Design

You don’t just clean the floor with your vacuum cleaner, but you also want to reach the top of curtains to remove that dust, and then there are stairs too. The convertible design technology makes things easier to let you clean the entire space without any additional efforts. Most modern vacuum cleaners come equipped with convertible design technology, allowing the users to enjoy using cleaners in different modes like Upright Mode (for cleaning floors) or Lift-away Mode (extend the ability to reach for versatility above the floor).

Digital Control Display

How about having a digitally advanced display on the vacuum cleaner that describes everything like the remaining run time, blockage report, cleaning mode, filter maintenance reminder, etc? This is what the digital control displays are designed for. Now, you need not reach the manual buttons to check which mode is set and other features as the display will describe everything even while you are cleaning the surface. Dyson has implemented this technology on its vacuum cleaners, and they’ve conveniently placed the screen on the top, so everything is easily visible.

Wi-Fi & Smartphone Connectivity

When we’re talking about smart vacuum cleaners, it is worth mentioning the involvement of the WiFi smartphone connectivity facility. It is most available with the robotic vacuum cleaners that are capable of cleaning spaces on their own. Connect the vacuum cleaner with WiFi and then with your smartphone to control it with the convenience of one place while the device reaches every corner of your premise. The involvement of Voice Command takes convenience to the next level, allowing users to control the vacuum cleaners with their voice. In simple words, you can command the device to start or stop cleaning from any corner of your home.

The latest technology is making things easier for the homeowners to clean their spaces with highly advanced and capable vacuum cleaners. You can make the right choice with the features that attract you to make your life better, convenient, and better.

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