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June 22, 2020

Best Apps For a Community Service Organization

In this day and age, there are apps for just about everything. From sending money to social interactions, there are a variety of different apps listed in app stores. However, where can you find an app to post or find volunteer work?

It’s never too late to donate your resources including time, money and skills to a charitable course. The following article will help you find volunteering and community service apps that suite you. Here are six of the best apps for community service organizations.

1. Ushahidi

Are you interested in helping people in different parts of the world who are afflicted by disasters and crises? Then Ushahidi is a service that comes in high recommendation. Ushahidi is a Swahili name for a testimony of help. As the name suggests, Ushahidi is a free, open-source application that operates in nine countries. This non-profit organization’s main aim is to help marginalized people across the world.

This community service application allows users to receive real-time free SMS reports about disasters and other crises around the world. You can easily download this app from both Google’s and Apple’s (News - Alert) app stores.

2. Give Work

One problem that the economy never seems to solve is unemployment. This problem is prevalent in war-torn countries punctuated with refugee camps. Give Work is a mobile application that allows people to create simple tasks that are exclusively reserved for people in refugee camps. For instance, a company can avail of writing assignments online for learned refugees to work on and earn a salary.

Speaking of writing, as a college student, you are continually battling fast approaching deadlines while juggling a lot of assignments. Consider choosing a writing service to help you with your essay assignments. Whether you are writing a community service essay or technology essay, there are many free examples online for you to choose from. Just like these free essays, given work is free and available on both android and IOS platforms.

This application has been tested in the Kenyan community. It has increased the quality of life for many refugees in the process. The application has been received in more than 80 countries.

3. SnapImpact

This software is designed to help organizations connect with potential volunteers in areas where an opportunity has arisen. SnapImpact vast search database helps to establish volunteer opportunities based on their locations. As a result, you are entitled to a variety of options when giving back to your community.

4. GiveGab

The GiveGab App is famous for its extensive work in empowering people from different capacities to engage in community development. The app empowers people from foundations, non-profits, educational institutions and public media. It ranks highly due to its initiative having a world-class customer service.  With over 400,000 membership of non-profits that are in line with your objectives, this is an excellent community service app.

The software offers features like donation forms, philanthropy hub, community giving and a 24-hr Giving Day that promote the app’s objectives. The application also prides its self for the engagement levels, professional project managers and extensive growth when it comes to delivering community service. There are plenty of essays covering the work the app has undertaken and the success rate of partnering with them.

5. One Today

If you are looking for volunteering apps that simplify donating, One Today is the most suitable. The app allows you to easily find a cause you believe in and make contributions from anywhere you are. The app uses your interests to find non-profits that you can help by donating. The more you donate using the app, the better it matches you to your interests.

You can donate as little as One Dollar on the app. The app also allows you to seek further contributions by posting on social media platforms. The more people who contribute to the causes, the bigger your rallying profile becomes. Google (News - Alert) usually vets the non-profits and hence the proceeds are used for the intended purpose.

6. Kiwanis International

The organization serves the global community at large. The main objective of the organization is to improve the quality of life of children all over the world. Kiwanis International has over 80 country memberships that translate to over five hundred thousand members. The organization aims to satisfy the different needs of children al over the world by offering mentorships programs, improving literacy levels and fighting hunger.

Currently, the organization serves up to 150,000 projects annually. The clubs from the apps research the communities of children that need assistance, and the organization deploys the necessary help. By joining the app, you can easily pick on the kind of contributions you want to make. There are many examples of charitable causes on the app to choose from, and you cannot miss your niche.


Giving back to the community is an essential aspect of our lives. If your schedule is too busy, these apps will provide the best platforms to give back to the less fortunate. Google has verified the apps, so there is no need for scepticism whether your money is going to help someone out there. There are many options available to suit your interests when it comes to donations. The extra features on these apps will help you touch different lives uniquely.

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