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June 16, 2020

Tech Innovations in Growing and Producing CBD

Modern technology is improving the efficiency of just about every aspect of life, including how CBD is grown and produced. That's good news for growers, suppliers, consumers, and the environment since many technological innovations don't just improve efficiency and increase yields, but also reduce environmental impact. Read on to find out about a few of the latest tech innovations and growing and producing CBD to learn more.

Automated Growing Systems

Home growers now have access to small-scale systems designed to make it easier to cultivate hemp and marijuana for CBD production. Automated, enclosed systems come with LED lighting, carbon filters, water delivery systems, and plenty of extras to help growers stay on top of providing their plants with everything they need to thrive. Not everyone has the money to spend on a fully automated home growing system, though, and that's fine. Those who prefer to buy products from reputable suppliers instead of growing their own plants and learning how to extract CBD themselves can purchase Veritas Farms cbd products.

Improved Extraction Technologies

It used to be the case that large-scale CBD manufacturers had little choice but to use potentially dangerous solvents to extract cannabinoids from plant material. This has changed since the release of Hemp Harvest Innovations' botanical extraction system. This technology doesn't just eliminate the need for chemical solvents. It also reduces processing times and increases the amount of plant material that can be processed at once, increasing yields and improving efficiency while decreasing the cost of manufacturing full-spectrum extracts and isolates.

Artificially Intelligent Cultivation and Harvest

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used extensively in agriculture. AI-driven systems analyze extensive data sets provided by on-site soil, air, and water quality monitors to help growers make informed decisions about plant health, yield, and harvest windows. Some systems even automatically change watering, light, and nutrient schedules to accommodate each plant's unique needs. The use of AI in cultivation and harvesting reduces instances of human error and helps to ensure that growers can produce high-quality cannabis for CBD products.

Quality Tracking

Quality tracking is essential for hemp growers and CBD producers. It can be used to improve consumer confidence in products, increase yields, and decrease the costs associated with a hemp-growing operation. Some experts believe that this will create a new industry gold standard for CBD products by increasing transparency and accountability in an otherwise minimally regulated field. Small, local start-ups like Trace, based in Burlington, VT, are leading the way, and local growers are already beginning to embrace this new blockchain-based technology.

Biotech Breeding

Bio-tech breeding involves isolating and enhancing different strengths and desirable qualities of individual plants to create more genetically viable and profitable crops. Plant breeders have been using similar techniques, such as cloning, for years, but biotech breeding takes things one step further by integrating thoroughly modern techniques like tissue culturing. Tissue culturing allows growers to multiply one single cell of cannabis tissue into dozens, or even hundreds, of identical cells, but it's very difficult to get this process right. Most growers find that it's more cost-efficient to ensure genetic viability via more traditional means, but that may change soon.

The Bottom Line

Agricultural technology is a fascinating field whose potential extends well beyond increasing yields of food-producing crops. Its emphasis on efficiency allows growers to use less water, nutrients, and other inputs, which is better for the environment, while simultaneously ensuring optimal plant health. It's a win for everyone.

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