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May 27, 2020

COVID-19 Brings A Surge In Demand For Signage: How Can Online Sign Design Software Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has made business continuity a growing challenge across the globe. While many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, some are being forced to close shop, unfortunately. One of the pressing issues we as humankind are facing during these uncertain times of crisis is ensuring clear and effective communication.

The inability to communicate face-to-face owing to social distancing and self-quarantine has made it difficult for businesses to broadcast and exchange information effectively.

Even though this pandemic has had an immense impact on the global economy, online printing companies can supply this requirement by providing those in need with COVID-19-related signage with the help of web-to-print technology.

But first: what do we mean by COVID-19 signage?

COVID-19 signages include custom-made printed flyers, posters, yard signs, stickers, banners, and so on. They are essentially used for communicating all business-customer matters concerning the coronavirus pandemic. You must have spotted one or two in your society or supermarkets!

But what do these types of signages contain? For example, a customer may want to know about a grocery store's delivery options near their house. To communicate the same to their customers, the store would need customized banners, posters, or safety signs to communicate delivery options, measures being taken for hygiene, and more.

As an online printing company, you can provide personalized signages for all kinds of purposes and to all types of businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using COVID-19 signs:

  • COVID-19 signs will enable businesses to update their customers about the current work hours, delivery options, services being offered currently, a temporary closure of the business, state advisory, a notice of quarantine, or other such relevant communication be divulged to the customers.
  • These signs also help to spread awareness about hygiene habits and countermeasures being taken by businesses to ensure the safety of their customers.
  • A housing society can also use COVID-19 signage to encourage residents to follow social distancing norms in the area store by posting COVID-19 window posters and banners.
  • These signs can also be used to spread social awareness and make the community aware of precautionary measures such as washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, standing in a queue at a distance, and so on.

Let us circle back to helping those in need of COVID-19-related signage with the help of an online sign design software solution:

1. Lots of easily customizable templates

One of the biggest advantages of an online signboard maker is that your customers don't need any formal training to design a COVID-19 poster or brochure or banner. Since most web-to-print solutions have extensive photo libraries and a dynamic online editor, developing a print-ready design takes minutes. Businesses in need can't find a better deal than this!

2. Introduce payment plans for your business

You don't always have to be an eCommerce online store to offer customers a payment plan. In the current scenario, offering customers a feasible payment plan provides them the liberty to pay you over some time rather than all at once.

Depending on the web-to-print solution, you can add multiple payment gateways and ensure your customers can finish their shopping on your website. Payment plans are a great way to boost your conversion rates because they reduce the financial burden on your customers, making them want to buy from you again.

3. No wasting time on the quotation

Since an online sign designer software has an online calculator to estimate the price of a print order based on quantity, material, and size, customers don't need to exchange emails or phone calls to finalize the budget manually.

Those with a tight budget can easily choose a product (e.g., the cost of printing posters is less than that of yard signs), customize it, and place an order on it.

4. Control shipping costs from the backend

These are trying times, and you must pivot your business and help those in need. One way to cut back on your costs is to cut down on shipping costs. For instance, you can skip fancy packaging and use simple packaging material.

Courier companies such as DHL Express and USPS (News - Alert) provide free packaging, and you can opt for them instead. You can also set up local shipping for customers that are closer to your business and make local shipping rates applicable for those order deliveries. You can also manually deliver orders wherever possible to further save marginal shipping costs.

There are three ways in which you can boost your sales during this pandemic:

1. Clearance sales

Because non-essential retail is seeing a large decline in terms of demand, the businesses in this particular category will be keen to oversupply. To ensure that you aren't sitting on deadstock and suffering a loss, finding ways to clear your inventory as soon as possible is essential.

Your inventory management system will allow you to categorize products into high, medium, and low-performing products depending on the signboard design software solution. This will provide a way for you to understand which products (e.g., signs) are performing and which aren't.

The products that aren't performing can be sold at heavily discounted prices to clear off stock and maintain your sales at the same time. For example, if flyers are not in such high demand, sell them at a discount.

That way, businesses with tight budgets and in need of flyers can easily customize one on your printing store and place an order at a discount!

2. Paid (News - Alert) ads

Paid ads have become very affordable in the current scenario, and this is an excellent time for you to put out paid advertisements across networks. This is mainly because businesses aren't advertising online presently, and the competition for cost-per-click has decreased considerably.

Besides, more and more businesses and people are now using online stores and services to fulfill all kinds of needs. With more customers now spending time online, paid advertisements are a great way to boost sales and acquire more customers for COVID-19 signage.

3. Gift cards

Gift cards are a great way to promote your online printing business and keep the business afloat until things get back to normal. Gift cards will essentially provide you with immediate cash flow, and also ensure your customers keep coming back to you. Another approach to boost sales is to collaborate or partner up with local businesses in the area to market yourself and acquire more customers.

Over to you

The demand for COVID-19 signages will remain as long as we successfully flatten the curve. So, hope on to this opportunity with an online sign designer software! Contact us for more info.


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