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May 15, 2020

Vince Marchetti Explains How Dentistry has been Affected by Technological Advancements

With ongoing developments in technology, dentistry is welcoming new and better ways to optimize patient experience. Through 3D printing, ultrasound technology, artificial intelligence, automation of services, and much more, dentistry is becoming more and more technologically advanced and leading to impressive results that are benefiting everyone involved.

Vince Marchetti, previously the Regional Vice-President of Kinetic Concepts Incorporated (KCI) in Coronado, California, has more than 21 years of medical device experience. With his interest piqued by these advancements in dentistry, he has been studying the exact ways in which dental devices will be benefitting the field now and into the future — by saving time, increasing patient volume, and streamlining operations. He details dental trends to look out for, now in 2020 and beyond.

3D printing

Over the years, 3D printers have revolutionized the healthcare industry, allowing us to create artificial limbs, face shields (coming in handy during this time of COVID-19), and much more.

Now, in both dentistry and orthodontics, 3D printers are being used to create custom aligners, tooth replacements, veneers, and crowns. 3D printing is so quick and effective that it can often allow for same-day production, leading to a reduction in both time and costs. It’s a win-win for both parties, says Vince Marchetti, as patients wait a shorter time for their appointment while dental businesses save money and are able to welcome and retain more clients.

Artificial intelligence

While robotics and AI technology has been commonplace in healthcare for many years, it’s only recently that dentistry has been reaping its rewards.

How is AI being used in dentistry you ask? Well, robotic machines are being used to perform minimally invasive teeth cleaning and whitening procedures. Along with being safe, the results are precise and effective.

Automation of client services

Nowadays, automated management software allows us to schedule social media posts in advance or send automated messages and responses to clients. All industries, including dentistry, are adopting these automated practices in order to save time and provide faster communications to their clients. 

Ultrasound technology

We all know about the extensive use of ultrasound technology in healthcare, but did you know that it has a place in dental offices as well? Ultrasound technology could provide a radiation-free option for imaging, along with detailed, 3D images of the teeth and jaw. But this option is still in the works, in order to achieve a higher image resolution and accuracy, says Vince Marchetti.

Green dentistry

When you visit the dental section in supermarkets, you’ll find a growing trend towards all-natural toothpastes and bio-degradable bamboo toothbrushes. Now, in dental offices themselves, “greener” practices are becoming more and more common as it begins a greater global priority to reduce our carbon footprint.

As opposed to silver amalgam fillings, dentists are opting for tooth-coloured fillings – which clients are preferring as well, as it offers a natural look. Dentists are also substituting artificial chemical-laced products, for healthier alternatives. Along with safeguarding the environment, these practices are more cost-effective for dental offices and are better for the health of clients, says Vince Marchetti.

Vince Marchetti’s Final Thoughts on the Future of Dentistry

As dental businesses begin or continue to implement these modern devices and practices, Vince Marchetti envisions a positive future for the field of dentistry and many bright smiles as a result.

It is also important to note that while these advancements are revolutionary, dentistry is bound to continue to evolve and these current advancements will be obsolete at some point.

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