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May 14, 2020

Tech Trends Set to Revolutionize Marketing in the iGaming Industry this Year

New technologies will cause a major shift in how iGaming services are marketed.

Things are heating up for marketing specialists in the iGaming industry this year. New technologies make marketing methods go in and out of style quickly, but 2020 has seen some trends continue to hold long after others have fallen by the wayside. Consumer data, artificial intelligence, and the power of social media have all changed the landscape dramatically in recent months, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring.

Harnessing the Power of Consumer Data for Personalization

Big data reigns supreme in marketing departments across all industries, and iGaming is no exception. That’s because collecting and analyzing swathes of data provides a valuable window into the habits, needs, and desires of casino enthusiasts. It allows providers to learn what their customers want, what they may want in the future, and which areas the casinos themselves can improve on.

Source (News - Alert): Mango Research

Caption: Mango Research explains how companies large and small utilize big data to predict consumers’ future needs and give them what they desire.

There’s a myriad of ways to collect and utilize consumer data for effective marketing, and those in the online gaming industry have their fingers in nearly every pie. Providers track players’ login times, their favorite games, the promotions they seem to gravitate towards, and how these habits change over time. Casinos are then able to use this information to develop new games and variations, which are more fitting for their general audience, and build more cohesive marketing campaigns for specific players.

How does this affect the user experience? When data speaks, casino providers listen. Let’s say you’re a fan of blackjack. Established casino brands like 888 Casino take note of trends among blackjack enthusiasts, and then tweak their offerings and create a more immersive user experience. For example, players will have the chance to play classic games, but they’ll also discover new twists on their old favorites, enjoying a comprehensive online blackjack experience including low-stakes games, or live-action in several variants.

Players might even find specialized offers for certain games and promotional material, which appeals to them. All of this helps to build up the kind of bespoke experience which today’s generation of users expects. It doesn’t just apply to blackjack, either—all gamers’ habits can be analyzed and utilized to foster these targeted marketing techniques.

In the future, we can expect even more. Along with new technology comes fresh ways to collect data, and new ways to give players what they want. Smartphones with touch-screens, voice recognition, and geolocation can all give valuable insight into consumer trends, and intelligent casinos will take steps towards utilizing the data they provide further as time goes on.

Utilizing AI & Machine Learning for Enhanced Experience

As data gives casinos valuable insight into the minds of their users, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will provide them with the means to process that data faster and more fully than ever before. The use of AI in data analytics speeds up the process considerably, giving casinos information quickly and more precisely than older analytics methods. And since machine-learning algorithms constantly improve with the onset of more data, the system only becomes more accurate over time.

All changes in users’ habits can be detected, whether these are on an individual level or in the consumer base as a whole. Furthermore, since AI can use big data to help predict future trends, casinos that employ it can stay ahead of the curve. Venues that quickly receive all the information they need can readily adapt, changing their inner workings to meet the needs of their consumers head-on.

 Source: Envato Free License

Caption: Companies can use the power of AI and machine learning to process and analyze consumer data rapidly, predicting trends and staying ahead of the competition.

Operators using AI will be able to build targeted marketing campaigns best suited to appeal towards their most valuable players and craft fresh outreach campaigns to draw in potential new users. With the constant influx of information being processed so efficiently, they’ll be able to adapt their efforts at the drop of a hat to fit user demands no matter what those demands may be.

Getting on Board with Social Media for Outreach & Promotion

With millions of people active on social media around the world, it’s no surprise that specialists would jump to utilize it as a way to connect with audiences. There are many different ways businesses can promote on social media, and iGaming marketers are doing everything they can to harness the real potential of these platforms.

Source: Envato Free License

Caption: With more and more people spending time on social media, marketers are beginning to harness its power in brand-new ways.

Social media gives casinos the ability to truly develop their brand voice in a way that best meshes with their key demographics. Casinos can post content regarding updates, new programs, games, and promotions, all of which act both as promotional material and valuable information for their users. By writing these materials in a voice that also appeals to consumers, casinos can connect with them on a personal level and gain their repeat business.

Casino venues can also allow consumers to reach out to them via posts, private messages, pictures, and the like. This makes users feel like their chosen casino is accessible, friendly, and open to answering their questions and listening to their concerns. It builds up even more of a rapport, allowing the casinos and their users to build a relationship of trust and dignity.

Infographic by Neil Patel

Caption: Social media engagement is one of the most popular ways marketers can reach their audiences, with 83% of marketers active on big social platforms.

In the future, we’ll likely see more social media presence among casinos and a more targeted approach to marketing on social media platforms. Shifting demographics mean that more casino-goers themselves are using social media, so the coming months and years will hold even more developments in this area.

As time goes on, casinos must become more and more creative with their marketing techniques. Gone are the days of mass emails and account spamming. Instead, we’ll see a new era of data collection, personalization, AI, and other exciting new technology come into play. While we can’t know exactly what tomorrow will bring, exciting developments are certainly on the horizon.

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