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May 12, 2020

Choosing Right Reverse Mail Search Tools and Techniques- Things to Know

Making connections with leads is difficult when you are having only the email addresses. To have a strong and meaningful connection, you should require more information about the particular lead without actually asking them.

In such situations, the reverse email search will help you. There are various methods by which you can get additional information from just email address. In this blog, you will know some of the best reverse email search tools and how you can choose the best one.

Before Delving Into Details, Let Us First Know How Reverse Email Search Works-

The reverse email search or lookup tool is the process that helps to search a person’s additional contact details and information with just the email address. The process is very simple- type the email address that you want to search, wait a few seconds to let the search works and then you will get the results. 

This latest tool will help you to get all the information about the person. The additional details that you will get by this email search are First Name, Last Name, and Country/Locality. Phone (News - Alert) numbers, Social Media Profiles and the photos. However, if you are using the fake or invalid email address, you will not have the right information. This is the reason why you need to have the email checker to find the authenticity of mail before proceeding. 

Know About Reverse Email Search Tools and Methods

Surprisingly, there are various solutions available, and it is tough to pick the best one. Some of the tools are expensive, whereas some are free. Some software provides bulk results other requires manual input methods to do an individual search. So, the type of tool that you want to choose depends upon your goals. 

Manual search requires both time and dedication as you have to do the entire search on your own. This particular method will not work if a business is looking for bulk contact details. On the other hand, some tools are too expensive for small businesses to use. Here are some of the reverse tools you can know-

1. Having An Email List But No Personal Data

If you do not have enough time and the manual search is not your cup of tea, some reverse search tools have access to the public databases and thereby search for contacts attached to the email address. Each one of the reverse email search tools has their own set of features, and you should choose the one that fits your needs. 

2. I Need To Have Personal Data Immediately While Composing Mail

This case happens when you have already started to compose the mail, and you find that you do not have personal details of the email addresses. To find a name in the Outlook, click the email owner’s Outlook profile and you can get the details and social media links. If the user does not have the social profile links, you can at least get the name of the user. 

3. I Need The Tool In The Browser

Yes, you can have the reverse email search tool installed in the browser as the extension so that you can have the information of the email addresses whenever you want. Almost all the browsers have the extension for reverse email search, either free or installed. The extension is easy to install and use. 

4. I Need To Have Company’s Information

When you want to have the information about the company, you can also use the reverse email search. Some of the reverse email search tools will help you to find the complete profile of the company whose information you want to get like name of the company, size and type of business, founding date, location and specialities. 


As said earlier, there are various tools available and choosing the best one from the lot is difficult. Hence, it is always important to pick the provider that has a good reputation in the market. Choose the reverse email search tool that provides detailed information about the email’s holder or about the company. For instance, you can get information of Dialog Semiconductor on Signalhire com. Dialog Semiconductor (News - Alert) is a trusted brand that provides standard and custom mixed-signal integrated signals optimized for smart home applications and computing. 

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