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April 29, 2020

8 Best Time Management Apps for Students

Time is what we appreciate most of all! Students are those people who need more than 24 hours a day. But often they forget about many college tasks because they lost their paper notes. And as a result, students can’t manage their time wisely. For not to waste it, we recommend you to look at these eight free apps for time management and maybe, find a magical app that writes essays for you. Choose what suits you best!

1. Microsoft To Do

Who doesn’t know about Microsoft (News - Alert)? This great corporation cares not only for computer users but for the owner of mobile gadgets as well. Meet the all-in-one app that performs with the to-do list, task manager, and reminder. Create notes in your daily planner, include items in the grocery list, group tasks by project, or topic. Set up a reminder for any time and date and stay confident you didn’t forget anything!

2. My Tasks

This app contains such features as a planner, to-do list, and organizer. With My Tasks, a student can easily see what’s going on with the current week. Key features of this app are a to-do list for the day, planner for ongoing tasks, voice recorder, smart calendar, and synchronization. Crete tasks without any date and start working on it when you are free! Control all your events and mark them as completed. If you have unsolved goals, the smart calendar will tell you about the situation at the moment.

3. Tasks

When you need to organize your duties, Tasks is a perfect app for you! It includes a to-do list, task list, and reminder. Beautiful design and simple user experience make this mobile organizer help you in any situation. If you need simply prioritize your work, here you can create a grocery list, add task details, or even organize your tasks into multiple lists.

4. Focus To-Do

This app helps students to concentrate on work and study. The main difference between this organizer from others is the timer that you set up to accomplish your task. Track detailed reports on project time, focusing, and tasks. Manage your work, study, and life by project scheduling and task planning. Collect statistics on time of each project and create groups to track your projects together. Data cloud backup helps not to lose any essential moment.

5. Calendar & To-Do List

Try this tool, and you’ll never forget to write down any task! This beautiful application helps more than 344 thousand mobile users to organize their things from any sphere of life. highly increases your productivity by integrating with other reminders and tools like Trello, Google Calendar, Wunderlist, Outlook, Todoist, WhatsApp, OneNote, Slack, Google Assistant, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Google Tasks, Evernote (News - Alert), Jira, Zapier, Salesforce, Asana, Microsoft to-do, Office 365, Exchange and more up to 1500 other apps. Definitely, this to-do list, calendar, planner, and reminder will be useful to complete all your tasks.

6. Todoist

With Todoist, you can easily plan your day! Note all your ideas and organize them into goals with deadlines and due dates. Click the Pus Button to add a new task and add the details about time and date. Todoist will convert it automatically to reminder mode.

This app is also helpful for setting new habits and easily tracking them. When you want to share your projects, delegate tasks, or show amazing results to your friend, simply create group collaboration and send the invitation.

7. TickTick

Welcome to TickTick, where every student can easily organize their days by using lists, folders, and tags. Get statistics of your profile based on completed tasks for weekly periods.  Built-in Pomo Timer can help you to concentrate on the urgent matter for as much time as you need. Improve your organizational skills and classify your tasks by topic, priority, and date. Share every important note and event with colleagues, friends, and family members.

8. Habitica

This app is more than an organizer, but this is a game that can help you to organize your life. Habitica is the customizable time-management app that keeps you motivated when you are ready to give up. Set your goals, tasks, and habits and create a custom avatar for them. Complete all your millstones to reach the next levels of your game. Unlock the rewards with fantastic creatures that will bring you to play the quests.

Share your goals with other members, chat, and play together.

After downloading one of these apps, students will see the changes in their lifestyle. Everyone knows that educational success begins with self-development, and time management is the first step to it.

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