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April 28, 2020

WaveMaker enables rapid application development

Rapid application development is increasingly important in a time where visitors expect a smooth customer experience and businesses strive to outperform competitors by offering this. WaveMaker offers brilliant rapid application development, meaning it works in a way that prioritizes rapid releases and updates to new and existing applications.

Develop applications quickly and easily

The visual user interface means that developers can include powerful components in their applications, building forms, tables, and interactive charts and much more into them, simply through dragging, dropping and clicking. As easily as that, developers can create modern, responsive interfaces for multi-channel consumption. This means you don’t need a large team of specialists to create an impressive, sleek and functional application, whatever your objectives are.

In addition to this, developers can view a visual preview of changes they make across devices, seeing the ways it will change the user experience, which can help to give confidence throughout the development process.

A large number of templates and themes provided by WaveMaker also make rapid application development simple. Countless widgets can be added to developers’ applications, also helping to digitize complex processes.

The ability to have rapid application development is vital, meaning developers can build and adapt their applications without the business having to wait extensively. They can also make small changes iteratively every release, making the entire process agile.

WaveMaker enables developers to use the speed of low-code and the power of custom code, making it accessible to those of all experience levels.

Use of low-code refers to the developers and companies with any amount of experience easily build applications without the need for large amounts of hand-coding. It’s especially important as this means users can create their applications quickly without the need for expert knowledge, creating a fantastic finished product that works across a wide range of devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Benefits of low-code

The use of low-code means that developers and businesses can be agile, making changes as and when they are required. Because of the fact that it makes it easy to make fast transformations, it means new ideas can be implemented quickly. This works to enhance customer experience, meaning you can add new features, change information or even remove specific sections of the application with fast turnarounds. Whether it’s a new product you are looking to sell, a new service you’re looking to offer or a new trend you want to tap into, you can do this yourself and make sure you’re happy with the changes before making them visible to users. The benefits of this include being able to impress visitors while making the whole process of application development fast and cost-effective,without the drudgery.

There is also the possibility to extend and customize applications using traditional IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA; the modified can again be synced back to WaveMaker. With no lock-in to the platform, it can improve application development productivity, even if you do have a high level of experience and knowledge.

Previously, not having in-depth experience of coding meant that you either had to hire an army of specialists, wait for an eternity or you were not able to have one at all. More than ever, businesses and companies need to keep up with technological trends and having applications that work across numerous devices is a vital method of doing this.

Suitable for all app dev teams

Rapid application development and the use of low-code are changing the way developers create applications. There is now the possibility to amend applications quickly, keeping ahead of trends and relevant information without the need to outsource this role to experts. The accessibility of WaveMaker means those of various experience levels can enjoy developing their own app, facilitating customers’ needs and desires and continue making changes where required, without these causing difficulties.

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