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December 04, 2019

What does a machine learning specialist do?

Artificial Intelligence algorithms and AI-based solutions are slowly starting to dominate in every field of business. Many industries apply AI to their systems. To name a few – AI is broadly implemented in fields such as banking, marketing, economics, retail, and eCommerce.

We are exposed to AI for example during the use of services of the retail industries, inter alia by checking out by self-service checkout. Due to that, it comes as no surprise that the demand for data scientists and machine learning engineers is growing rapidly. However, because such professions are relatively new ones, we can wonder what even are their responsibilities?

What does a machine learning specialist do?

Machine learning engineers and data scientists are the ones responsible for developing new algorithms and Artificial Intelligence based solutions (including devices). The result of their work is often ideally suited and designed especially for the business that hires them. Of course, there is also a more economical option – we can implement a preexisting AI solution that is more universal and works just fine with various systems. In both cases, if we consider making such investment we should contact a machine learning engineer to discuss our possibilities (Addepto Machine Learning Consulting Services). Professionals in the AI field will help us make the best decision for our company.

What can we gain by implementing AI algorithms?

Implementing an AI algorithm in our company’s system is going to make a great difference. Though the process can take a long time and often consumes a lot of money we can be more than sure that it will pay off quickly. The AI solution designed specially to suit specific needs in most cases at least doubles the financial turnover of the company.

How does it manage to do that? Well, of course, there are a lot of ways in which AI can improve and benefit our company. New AI solutions are being developed every day by machine learning specialists. For instance, a machine learning algorithm can double the turnover by completing the repetitive tasks that were being previously done by tedious human labor - which always consumes a lot of time, money and effort. After all, time is money, so if thanks to the new solution we save both time and money - we save double the money.

After taking over by the algorithm various responsibilities that previously had been managed by our employees we can delegate them to do other tasks – maybe even new ones that were impossible before due to the lack of time. Our employees do not have to be scared of being replaced by the algorithm because there is always a need for human creativity along with other human-mind related qualities that cannot be artificially substituted.

What is more, an algorithm that is connected to databases full of information about customers – for example, their online actions or buying habits – can personalize for them special offers and accurate recommendations. Things like that not only make our wallets happy due to a higher amount of sales but most of all – make our customers happy with their purchases. Moreover, a happy customer quickly becomes a regular one. Simple as that.

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